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‘Over-learning’ of counting and number recognition is vital throughout the day.  We might do this in school by counting down coming to the carpet or counting up when we line up.  You can include this in your day. When on your daily walk ask your child to count ten giant steps and then stop (check they are counting each step accurately). Or ask how many steps it takes to get to the lamp-post.  Try reading the house numbers as you go past or numbers on car registration plates. 

This week we would like to compare numbers to 5. Please see ideas on the document below for how this can be developed through play at home. 

In addition to comparing numbers to 5 we have included links to video lessons below that will help reinforce learning and secure number sense.


Please click on the lesson title.


Monday 11th January 

To count six objects reliably 


Tuesday 12th January 

Explore conservation of numbers within 6 


Wednesday 13th January

Explore one more within six 


Thursday 14th January

Explore one fewer within six 


Friday 15th January

To place numbers 1-6 in order