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White Rose Maths

We use White Rose Maths at school so we can't recommend them highly enough! They're providing free daily maths lessons for each year group, with videos and lessons more or less done for you! If there is a perfect maths resource for home schooling this may well be it! 


Our children love going on Mathletics in school. Your child will have been given their login. Teachers may well set work for your child to do on Mathletics, but there are lots of games too. Just a word to the wise, watch the little monkeys to make sure they don't spend their whole allocated time altering their avatar!!!! 

TT Rockstars

Another popular activity in school, children can compete with classmates in games involving their times tables. You'll need our postcode to log in for the first time - it's DT3 6AA

Dynamo Maths

Only some of our children currently have Dynamo Maths accounts, your child will know if they have one. To log in type in their username and password and then click the orange 'Login to Dynamo Intervention" button. 

The Maths Factor

Carol Vorderman's online maths activities, temporarily free.