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It is helpful if you include ‘over-learning’ of counting and number recognition during your day.  We might do this in school by counting and clapping as we line up or counting round a circle.  At home you could 'pingpong' count, you take it in turns to say the next number and see how fast you an go.


We are continuing to use White Rose Maths videos to support home learning. 


Please watch the days video, look at the task (click on ‘Get the Activity’ next to the video, or, download at bottom of page) and complete it.  


On occasion we may also put other suggestions of activities that could be completed within the topic and there is a 'White Rose ideas and challenge' document available in downloads below.  Please only complete these if you have time/wish to.  


This week our learning is Week 3 of Growing 6, 7 and 8. 

Please follow the link to find all the videos and tasks (all sessions are on this link). 







Monday 8th February

Session 1 – Comparing height


Additional / challenge ideas 

Use any items/toys that stack, this could be lego, tins (be careful), jenga bricks, choose items that are exactly the same size. 

Can you order your family in order of height? Can you 'estimate' the order you will be in? Now try it. What did you have to do? How can you check? Does it change the order if you sit down?


Tuesday 9th February

Session 2 – Comparing length 


Additional / challenge ideas 

Make some playdough using the recipe available in ‘Video library > funky fingers’ 

You could use bits of string/wool/ribbon lined up 

Take turns to stand in one spot and throw a beanbag (rolled up pair of socks works well), who has thrown it furthest?  



Wednesday 10th February   Wellbeing Wednesday

Session 3 Days of the Week

Use this session if it suits your family timetable.


Additional / challenge ideas 

Can your child sing the days of the week song we sing at school? 


Thursday 12th February

Session 4 Measuring Height 


Additional / challenge ideas 

Measure other items in the house? Can you find chairs of different heights? 

Choose a favourite toy, what can you find that is shorter than your toy? What can you find that is taller than your toy?


Friday 13th February

Session 5 Measuring Time


Additional / challenge ideas 

Try timing for different lengths e.g. two minutes. Can you do more or less of your activity?

Time a family member in the same task, is there score more or less?

How do you know?