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It is helpful if you include ‘over-learning’ of counting and number recognition during your day.  We might do this in school by counting and clapping as we line up or counting round a circle.  At home you could count how long it takes to put 4 toys away or to walk from one place to another? Children love timers and playing with the stop watch and timer functions, these are available on mobile phones and most devices.  


We are continuing to use White Rose Maths videos to support home learning. 


Please watch the days video, look at the task (click on ‘Get the Activity’ next to the video, or, download at bottom of page) and complete it.  


On occasion we may also put other suggestions of activities/challenge that could be completed within the topic.  Please only complete these if you have time/wish to.  


This week our learning is Week 2 of Growing 6, 7 and 8

Please follow the link to find all the videos and tasks (all sessions are on this link). 



Monday 1st February

Session 1 – Matching 6, 7 and 8 


Additional and challenge ideas

Make your own tens frame you could use toy cars for counters, coins or connect 4 pieces. 

Make your own pairs game by drawing spots on paper/card/cereal box. 


Tuesday 2nd February 

Session 2 – Making pairs 


Additional and challenge ideas

You might like to do session 3 today as well as Wednesday is 'wellbeing Wednesday'. 

Get a random handful of small 'counters’ (pasta/coins/lego pieces etc), how quickly can you pair them up? How many pairs do you have? Do you have any left over?  

Help your grownup pair up socks after the washing has been done. 


Wednesday 3rd February   Wellbeing Wednesday 

Session 3 Combining 2 groups 


Use this session if it suits your family timetable.


Thursday 3rd February 

Session 4 Combining 2 groups 


Additional and challenge ideas

Complete session three

Play dominoes. 

Lay out two ‘areas (2 tea towels etc), ask your grownup to place some toys onto each, can you represent them with ‘counters’? How many do you have all together? 

Roll a die, represent the number with counters, roll it again. How many altogether?  


Friday 4th  February 

Session 5 Adding more 


Additional and challenge ideas

Play the suggested game but collect counters instead of moving along a track.