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 Our story this week is '100 decker bus'. Please watch Mrs Sales reading it with the link.



The video is sharing the story '100 decker bus', read by Mrs Sales. This is a great story of an unplanned journey to different places with opportunities for describing, imagination and counting.  Try to share the story each day as re-reading is vital for depth of understanding.  There is also a version below.



Monday 11th January  Watch the story and retell it.  Perhaps use a plate as a steering wheel and be the bus driver or act it out or using toy vehicles and toy animals as the passengers.  What were the important parts of the story? How do you know?


Tuesday 12th January  Watch or read the story and focus on the passengers. Choose one passenger and write them a bus ticket. Think about the information you included on your ticket last week.  Is there any other information that would be useful? The ticket could be detailed with information such as the character name, destination, price, deck number etc. 


Wednesday 13th January Watch or read the story paying attention to what could be seen, heard, touched and smelt (4 of our senses).  Which page is the most interesting? Which part of the story might be the loudest? What might be the smelliest? Pause the video, or look at one page: what could the the characters see, hear, touch, smell?  Try and write this down. Some children will be able to record this in sentences i.e. The bus driver smelt smoke.’, other children can record the first sound i.e., ‘s’ for smoke.  Try using your phonic flashcards to support this with sounds that can be heard (i.e. find the first sound you can hear 's', what comes next? 'm' etc.  Your child won't be able to hear all the sounds in a word so just identify those that can be heard. 


Thursday 14th January Watch or read the story paying attention to the different decks. Which ones do you like the most? Why? 


Craft: Use any junk modelling items you may have to make your own bus or create a picture/collage. 

Before starting talk about how the bus will be created, what floors does your child want to include and why?  How is it going to be assembled/created?  Talk throughout the activity. Encourage your child to talk about their model to someone else (e.g. over video call to family member) explaining what they have done and why.   


Friday 15th January  Plan your own deck, what would it be like?  Draw a picture and write labels. Some children will be able to write complete descriptive labels  i.e. big bed and others may write the first sound of the label i.e b.  Again use the flashcards to build the words physically before trying to write them.