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This week is all about books!


There are 100’s and 1,000’s of different books, some fiction and some non-fiction, some with pictures and some without pictures.





This week we are looking at YOUR favourite book, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Rose and Mrs Sales are going to share theirs with you too.


You can watch them read.  You can spread this out over the week or snuggle up for a story time session.


Mrs Rose







Mrs Mitchell






Mrs Sales






Monday 1st March


Have a look in your book collection at home, or look on the internet, and choose your favourite book. This might be quite tricky or it could be very easy!  Once you have chosen your favourite book draw the main (or your favourite) character.  Then use your phonic knowledge to label your character. Remember to write the character’s name and any special features they might have.  Do they have a repeated phrase you could write in a speech bubble?

Challenge: Write a sentence saying why you like the book. Remember to practise saying it lots before you try and write it.


Tuesday 2nd March


Read your favourite book in a fun and unusual place. This might be at the bottom of your garden, in bed under the covers with a torch or upside down off the sofa.



We would like to hear why you chose your fun place and what made it fun or unusual.  Ask your grown up to to video, or voice record, your sentence and email or upload it to Tapestry. 


We would love photographs sent in of reading in unusual places so we can create a classroom display for our return!




Remember to practise your sentence first, pronounce your words correctly and include detail.  Listen to Mrs Mitchell tell you her sentence below.


Your sentence may start  with "I read my favourite book ..."  and then you can finish it with more detail "...under a blanket because it was cosy and I like using a torch to see with'.

Mrs Mitchell saying a sentence about her favourite place to read

Wednesday 3rd March     Wellbeing Wednesday



Thursday 4th March            WORLD BOOK DAY

Please see "Wellbeing Wednesday AND World Book Day" tab for further ideas







Call a family member, or ask an available family member at home, and read them a story. You can choose to read one of your own or choose one from the attached link and watch together.


Maybe you can dress up as your character too. Ask your listener what they liked best, what they would change and if they can tell you about their favourite story.


Friday 5th March


Share your favourite story again.  If you are allowed to search on the internet you may find it being read by someone else.  


Think about the characters in your favourite story.  Make the characters into puppets. You could use odd socks, wooden spoons or draw the characters and then cut them out. Once finished retell your story.