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Chameleons are cool!


This week Mrs Coventry is reading the story ‘Chameleons are cool’.







It is a Non-fiction book and has lots of very interesting facts and information about Chameleons.  Do you remember what a non-fiction book is?  What might you see in the book?


Monday 22nd February

Training Day


Tuesday 23rd February


Listen to Mrs Coventry read the book, chameleons really are cool! 

What words would you use to describe the chameleon?

Use your senses to help you think about it.

How does it look? How might it feel? How might it sound? How might is smell?



Write your describing words down using your Fred fingers to sound out the word.  You might write them on a piece of paper or print the 'chameleon description' poster.  How many describing words can you think of and write?








Thursday 25th February


Listen to Mrs Coventry read the book again. As you listen think about all the different facts you are learning. There are lots!


What fact did you think was the most interesting?  Why do you like it?


Can you write the interesting fact down – remember to practise saying your sentence (hold a sentence) before you try and write it. Use your phonic knowledge to sound out the words.


Friday 26th February


Can you help Rainbow the Chameleon?


We have received a letter from Rainbow asking if you can help him change colour!


Watch Mrs Sales read it to you!



Do you think you can help?  Print the picture that is in downloads, or draw your own (there is a step by step guide in Wider Curriculum tab).  What colours or pattern would you suggest to Rainbow Chameleon? Perhaps you might think about where Rainbow Chameleon could visit. Would where Rainbow Chameleon visits, change the colour he would need to be?


Please label the colours you use and you could have a go at writing a sentence to say why you chose the colours.


We would like to hear what colours you are choosing and why!  Ask your grownup to video, or voice record, your sentence and email or upload it onto Tapestry.  

When you speak, remember to practise your sentence first and explain why.  


Watch your teachers tell you their sentences.  







Once finished don’t forget Rainbow Chameleon wants to see your designs and hear your sentences on Tapestry (or email).



Week Challenge

Can you use all the facts you have found out to make a fact file poster about chameleons?