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The children this term will be learning about journeys and transport.  Please see Reception class page for further information on our current topic, including recommended book list. 


Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton
Read or listen to the story read by Miss Aitken every day before you do your learning. This will help you remember all the different things in the story. PDF version below.


Monday 1st February

At the beginning of the story the animals travel to an airport and go on a journey.

If you were going on a journey, where you would like to go? You could stay in this country, travel to somewhere new or even make up your own place/country!

How are you going to get there?
Once you have chosen your place and type of transport you are going to travel on, use your phonic knowledge and write the name of your destination and transport type. 
If your destinations name is tricky to spell, you can write down the first sounds you can hear or if you want to you can write a sentence. e.g. I want to go to Canada.
Draw a picture of yourself going on your trip and share this on Tapestry or in our TEAMS catch-up for your friends to see. 

Tuesday 2nd February
Spend some time looking at the rabbit in the queue (when the characters are queuing for the check-in) and think about what rabbit  may have packed in his suitcase.  Think about where you said you would like to go and using the download sheet below, or make your own, draw and label all the things you would take on holiday. 
Use your phonics to help you label the items. 

Thursday 4th February
Listen to the story.

When the passengers are safely in the air the cabin crew bring some food to eat. Can you see what they are being served? What do you think it could be?

Can you design your own menu for your flight?

Remember to use lots of different colours and describing words to make your meal look inviting to eat. You might draw, craft or use playdough to make your food.

Friday 5th February
Today, pretend to travel to your chosen destination, your transport could be your bed or a cushion on the floor, pretend to take a bag and eat your food.

Once you are on holiday please send us a post card.

You can use the download postcard, or make your own. 
In your postcard remember to say all about the exciting things you are doing and seeing.