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The children this term will be learning about journeys and transport.  Please see Reception class page for further information on our current topic, including recommended book list. 


This week’s story is Toy Boat, it is about a small home-made boat which goes on a big adventure, all alone. On his journey he meets lots of different sized and shaped boats, all doing different jobs. Finally, he meets a friendly vessel which helps him find his way home.


The incorrect book was uploaded by error. Sorry for any confusion




Share the book daily to ensure the children remember all the different parts and are able to recall information; this will help them to be more confident and creative when undertaking the writing and designing tasks.   


Monday 25th January 

Design and make you own boat to share on Friday. 

Firstly, draw your boat labelling all the different parts, shapes and colours. 

What things did the boy use to make his little boat in the story? 

 Remember ‘what did the little boat need to float’? 

What shapes can you use? 

Can you use some 2D/3D shapes when you design your boat. 


Tuesday 26th January 

Listen to the story talk about how the little boat felt when he was floating away from the little boy. Was he excited or a little worried? Why? 

Discuss your thoughts to a grown up. 

If you could talk to the little boat, what would you say? Try and write this down inside a speech bubble shape (tip write the sentence before drawing the speech bubble). 


Wednesday 27th January 

Listen to the story and think about all the different boats he meets. 

Write (using your phonic knowledge) or draw all the different types of boats he meets. 

Can you talk about how these different boats might help us? 


Thursday 28th January 

Reread the story and think about the order the little boat meets the other boats in. Using the book create your own story map. Draw the little boats and put them in the same order as the story. You can add the sea, sky and maybe some sea creatures. 


Friday 29th January 

Have you been on a boat, if so, where did you go? 

If not, where would you go? 

You could make up your own adventure. 

Write or draw where you and your boat are going?

Remember to use your phonics. 

You could plan this with a story map first.