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Making a difference; for good, with each other, everyone, in our community

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Courageous Advocacy

Courageous Advocacy – Making a difference for good, with each other, everyone, in our community.


At St Andrew's we encourage and support our children to be "courageous advocates".  This means we support and champion ethical and charitable activities on a local, national and global level. 


The school’s vision 'making a difference' permeates all aspects of school life. Pupils understand the concept of making a difference in all aspects of our lives and can refer to the ways in which their actions impact on others and vice versa. 

Our school is very much a school for the community. We know that that life can be challenging for everyone at times and that many of us will face difficulties that we may need help to overcome them. Our school values of love, trust and perseverance, alongside the British Values (Rule of Law, Tolerance, Democracy, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty), provide a culture and ethos where pupils can safely and confidently discuss current global issues, challenge injustice and participate in activities that can bring about change.


To help us understand what courageous advocacy looks like, each pod has 'adopted' a key figure to learn more about and explore the life, work and  impact of these individuals. 

Reception - Jane Goodall 

Key Stage One - Ameila Earhart 

Lower Key Stage Two - Rosa Parks 

Upper Key Stage Two - David Attenborough 


At Harvest we collected items for the Weymouth foodbank – this was accompanied by children learning about the foodbank and understanding that local families had need of this. As a result, the foodbank has become one of our ‘adopted’ charities and the school community supports this throughout the year.


We have also supported Diabetes UK after one of our pupils was diagnosed. This meant the fundraising was more meaningful as our children can see how diabetes affects the child in question.  

On a national level we regularly support charitable events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief and we have also participated in a hub wide initiative with the toilet twinning charity, giving pupils the opportunity to reflect on their own ‘comforts’ as well as raise awareness of the levels of poverty elsewhere in the world. 

Pupils also at times, raise issues and charities that they wish to support after hearing news items or discussing issues in class. For example, last year Y3 learnt about deforestation and were then motivated to write to their local MP.  

Following a review of remote learning during our most recent 'lockdown', Y5 pupils instigated a drive to keep our 'Wellbeing Wednesdays' in place once schools reopen. This was in recognition of the benefits of moving away from devices and screen time to their emotional, mental and physical health.   


Our social media sites (Facebook and twitter) are used to share our good practice with the wider community, ensuring the impact of our vision and values in action reach a wider audience and continue to raise the profile of the school locally, and further afield. This good practice has been used and shared with other schools as a model of methods to promote vision in action. 


For regular updates on our pupils' efforts to #make a difference take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages!  

#Making a Difference - Updates 

A small group of students have decided to organise a small, sponsored run to raise funds for the Cinnamon Trust. A small charity which cares for animals when their owners are no longer able to.


The boy who is leading it has been desperate to do something to make a difference in the wider community and we are delighted we are able to facilitate and encourage this type of behaviour and attitude. 


Next year, he is hoping to have a cake sale too!

To find out more about our local food banks please follow the links below