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St Andrew's CE Primary School

Making a difference; for good, with each other, everyone, in our community

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Collective Worship

Worship at our school

Worship and prayer are a valued part of the school’s culture and contribute to our vision in that worship makes a difference to our school.  Daily worship is a priority in the school, is invitational, and allows all members of the school community to be present. 


When does worship take place and what does it look like?

Worship starts our school day and is a key part of our day; it always starts with a Christian greeting and response.  The school’s vision and values are articulated, modelled and lived out through worship and the messages shared. Each class brings a candle to worship to represent their presence – this provides a focal point during worship and promotes an understanding of symbolism and common practice within worship.    


Who leads worship? 

Worship at St Andrew’s is led by a range of people, including staff and external visitors from our local churches. This variety is also reflected in the style of worship and includes elements such as music, biblical texts, drama, reflection and song. Major Christian festivals are observed and we have introduced a programme of visits to the local church to celebrate different times of the Christian year.  

We have a variety of worships each week. The leaders include: SLT, Rev Menzies, Daniel England (Vine Youth Ministry) online, iSingPOP online, child-led and celebration worship linked to our Christian vision and values.


How does worship make a difference to us? 

Here are some of our children's responses

Worship helps us know the bible stories 

Worship teach us new words – such as epiphany

Worship helps teach us how to be good by showing us examples in the stories  

It helps us make the right choices in life.

We hear stories which help us be a better person

Parent views 

'He  likes to tell us about his Worship sessions and what was involved.'

'From early last Sept, he  taught us all the grace said at school which we have adopted here at home too.'


Prayers also form an important part of the school day; prayers before lunch and at the end of day give a sense of calm and a time for reflection.  


Our school prayer 

Dear Lord

Even if this is all I do today, 

Help me to live the St Andrew's Way. 



The DSAT prayer 

Dear Father God, 

Thank you for our family of schools. 

Thank you for what we can achieve together. 

Help us all to get better and better in everything we do, 

To go beyond expectations every day. 

As we serve each other in love and in your strength, 

In Jesus' name


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from worship. Please speak to the headteacher, and then inform her in writing.