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Autumn Two 2020

Welcome to AUTUMN TWO!  Please scroll down to see weekly updates


We are excited to welcome our children back to school on Tuesday 3rd November in nightwear! (see 'letters' tab for letter with information! 


This will be a brilliant way to start our new topic 'What happens when I fall asleep?'


If you have any skills or knowledge that could support this topic (e.g. do a key nightshift job, look after nocturnal animals, have knowledge of astronomy or something else) please do let us know! 


We love to use family experience and knowledge and we can come up with a 'Covid safe' experience to enhance our children's learning!



Exciting news!  We have been able to adjust our timetable to enable every child in Shrimp and Octopus class to visit 'Forest School' EVERY Monday!


Please send your child to school in the appropriate clothing, with warm clothes / waterproofs / hats and accessories appropriate for the weather every Monday! 


This will start on Monday 9th November.



Week beginning 23rd November 2020


Welcome back to reception class page!  


Our learning this week has been based on the story 'Owl babies', share it together by clicking on the picture (it is a youtube site so please supervise).


We will be sharing this story together again next week.



We have been busy with lots of different activities such as: writing about nocturnal animals, printing owls, making nests for owls, retelling stories using puppets and creating our own story strings.


In maths we have been learning about, and using, positional language e.g. next to, under, behind.   This is easy to support at home with games such as giving clues to where a hidden object is or out on walks describing where something is.


Set 2 graphemes should have come home this week, please keep them safe and use them daily.  It can be a quick activity of showing them as flashcards (ask you child to be teacher and teach you) or you could play games such as place them on the floor and drive the toy car to the sounds you can hear in .... e.g. stair.


This weeks graphemes: air (that's not fair), ir (whirl and twirl), ou (shout it out), oy (toy for a boy).  The full list is on the parent links and information tab.  Please note this is all the set two sounds, we now spend time consolidating and practicing other skills. More information will follow about how you can support your child.




It is getting a lot colder when we are outdoors so please make sure your child has a hat and gloves and please spend time helping them learn how to put them on independently. 


Every item must be named - many children have items that look very similar and gloves do get dropped!



Toward the end of the week we were able to use the canopied area of our outdoor space! We loved it!  See the photograph gallery for some quick snaps of us using it!





Octopus Star of the week


Harry for fabulous effort and perseverance with learning all our new sounds and using them to read.


Shrimp Star of the week


Freddie S for being enthusiastic to learn his sounds and always being kind and helping others. 

Week four in photographs (WB 23rd November 2020)

Week beginning 16th November 2020


An excellent week!  We have all been so excited to see the progress of our outdoor area and the children have been so engaged with this week's topic!


We have been: junk modelling and designing our own outdoor areas, recording the progress of the work with clipboards at the window, considering how we might use the pieces of equipment, looking at the shapes that we can see around us, building structures with spaghetti and marshmallows and much more besides.


The children have been so resilient with the changes to their routine, the noise, distraction and they have made us exceptionally proud.


PHOTOGRAPH/FOREST SCHOOL CHANGE (apologies for any confusion)


Monday 23rd Forest school clothes for Shrimp AND Octopus class!



Tuesday 24th Individual photograph, please wear normal smart uniform!




 Phonics for the week (these are set two and cards will come home once prepared)


These digraphs have more than one pronunciation so the 'phrase' on the back of the flashcards are vital to support this.  Please take the time to watch the video within the 'parent links and information' tab.


ow (blow the snow)

oo (poo at the zoo)

oo (look at the book)

ar (start the car)

or (shut the door).



We are super excited that our first children in reception have achieved 50 starfish and received a bronze starfish for the jumper/cardigan!


They have taken home their iron/sew on bronze starfish.


When your child earns theirs, we ask that they are sewn/ironed onto the left sleeve (badge side). 




Octopus Star of the week


Teddy for unwavering enthusiasm in everything and being consistently honest.


Shrimp Star of the week


Finley for independently, and confidently, counting to 100, using the number square in the playground. 

Week three in photographs (WB 16th November 2020)

Week beginning 9th November 2020


We have had a terrific week this week!  Our shared book has been 'Bear snores on' and we have spent time thinking about what the weather is like when Bear needed to sleep, hibernation and how to help Bear be comfortable.  In maths we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less than a number.  Help your child at home by counting forward and backwards, count objects as well as claps/jumps etc. Easy familiarity with number is essential as they learn more.


During Forest school on Monday we loved making beds for our bears, we thought about the characters in our stories we have shared and how we could make the beds super comfortable for the bears.



NEXT WEEK - we are very excited as the work starts on our outdoor area!  It will be busier than usual as we will all be entering and exiting the end doors of the building.  We are making the most of the disruption by planning our learning around the building works, equipment and design 🙂 We can't wait!



Forest school - please can everyone wear clothes suitable for Forest school as we are able to attend EVERY Monday now .... apart from Monday 23rd November when we have our school photographs being taken.


On Monday 23rd November when we are having our school photographs taken!  Please ensure smartest children in school uniform, with big smiles, attend on this Monday!




Sounds this week: ng, nk and we have started set two sounds ay, ee, igh.  Home flash cards are being prepared and we will send these home soon.

With your set one flash cards you can place them next to each other and practise sounding them out and blending them to read.   Check the parent links and information' tab for the complete set.



See social media for the school video: you don't need an account to view them


Octopus Star of the week


Jasmine for continued effort with reading and writing!


Shrimp Star of the week


Millie for being more confident and having a go!



Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week two in photographs (WB 9th November 2020)

Week beginning 3rd November


We have had a terrific start back to this half term with everyone coming in PJs!  We have had a typically busy week and have shared the story 'Can't you sleep little bear' by Martin Waddell, this has led us to think about what we do in our bedtime routines, the night sky, shadows and all things related!  You can share the story with the link below.  


Can't you sleep little bear


Please remember this is a youtube link and children must have supervision as no filters are set.





In maths we have been thinking about the composition of the numbers 1, 2, 3 with some children exploring other numbers. 






New graphemes this week are: z, ch, qu, x


See the 'parent links and information' tab for the complete list.









Parent phone consultations - for those that have had their phone call we hope you found it as valuable as we did to share information between us about your child.  Thank you also for all the supportive comments, we love hearing how much your children talk about school at home and how they are eager to be here.  These will continue next week for those that haven't yet had it!




As part of our Worship we have begun to learn about what poppies represent with Remembrance Day.  We have printed some poppies with potatoes and paint to contribute to a whole school display.








Building work: Mr Spokes sent an email regarding the change to dropping off and picking up for the week commencing 16th November.  Whilst there will be some disruption and we need to remain aware of social distancing, we are very excited about having this completed!  







Next week please can ALL children (both Octopus and Shrimp class) come prepared for Forest School with consideration given to the weather.  







Our focus story next week will be Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. 

If you get the opportunities share a preview together at home! 


Please remember this is a youtube link and children must have supervision as no filters are set.


THIS HAS NOW BEEN RESOLVED! All children should be visible.




This leaflet should have come home today in bookbags!


Your child has designed a Christmas image which can be purchased in different forms!


This also raises money for our school smiley


Follow the link to look!



Look on our social media  to watch the school  worship video (did you know you don't need an account to view our platforms)

Octopus Star of the week


Jacob for demonstrating excellent sharing skills and trying his best!


Shrimp Star of the week


Ralph for always helping to tidy up!



Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

The week in pictures (03.06.2020)