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Autumn Two 2021

Week beginning 13th December 2021


What a long way your children have come this term!  We hope you are as proud of them as we are!


This week we have continued to retell the nativity story and we have been thinking about the characters that appear in the nativity.  We tried to decide which character was the most important and we also gave reasons why.  Which character do you think is most important and why?


Christmas has become the dominant focus of all the children's minds and as part of this we have had nativity costumes in our role play area, nativity puppets to retell the story with and facemasks to make and practise our fine motor skills.  We've loved continuing to decorate the Christmas tree as well as make some 'good secret' items - check the large homemade envelopes that come home!


In Forest school we had a go at building a Santa's grotto!  If you go to any wooded areas have a go!


Our graphemes this week:  ar (car), oo (zoo), oo (book) 


oo can be said in different ways. This is known as an alternative pronunciation. If you find it in a word you can try both sounds and see which creates a word.


Our red tricky words this week: what, they, to


We hope that you all have a very lovely Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you in January.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Week beginning 6th December 2021


What a brilliant penultimate week of the term!


On Monday we participated in our whole school RE impact day 'Why is light such an important symbol?' 



We found out about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah - ask us what the miracle with the candle was! We loved making menorahs.






We shared the story of Rama and Sita and explored how Hindu's celebrate goodness over darkness.  Ask your child what showed Rama and Sita the way home. 

We loved colouring rangoli patterns.



We thought about how Christian's use light and remembered that we use a candle in collective worship to remind us of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  We made our own lanterns to use in our carols by candlelight on Friday!






In English we have been learning the nativity story and using actions to help us retell it!  Can you retell it as a family?










We have also enjoyed maths and have explored night and day and our daytime routines.  What happens first in your household - breakfast or getting dressed?  Where and when do you brush your teeth?


In PE we loved moving in different ways and listening to the instructions! Play the traffic light game at home - give each colour a different movement or action and then see who listens carefully!


As well as practise our Christmas carol songs we have also played along with instruments!  We had to listen very carefully to follow the music and had to control the instrument volume so we could still hear!


We have started our set 2 graphemes this week.  They are 'special friends' and children will begin to learn lots of alternative spellings of the same sound e.g. igh and ie. We also learn alternative pronunciations e.g. ow (blow) and ow (cow).


Graphemes this week:  ay, ee,  igh,  ow  (blow the snow) 


Red words: said, was,  are, of,  want



Week beginning 29th November 2021


What a terrific week as we have headed into December! Take a moment to reflect how your child has almost done a whole term at school!


This week in literacy we have been 'innovating' our story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. We thought about what changes we could make to the story.  We chose to replace the rat with a T-rex, the cat with a pig and the dog with a cow!  We also replaced the turnip with a carrot. We had great fun retelling the story and remembering our new parts!  What would you replace in the story?


In maths we have been exploring shape and went on a fun hunt  for shapes with 4 sides, as part of this we are thinking about the vocabulary we can use and speaking in full sentences. For example 'This is a square because...'. What shapes with 4 sides can you find at home?  


In Forest school we experimented with making tree decorations.  Ask us how we got on!


On Monday it is our whole school RE impact day where we will explore the question 'Why is light such an important symbol?'  We don't yet have enough 1 pint milk bottles so if you haven't brought one in, or you have spare we would appreciate it!





You will have seen the email about the free Book Trust gift for every child.  These have been sent home to Octopus Class and we have been advised that the remainder of our delivery should arrive in January. 





Do you know what a 'chooseadactyl' or 'thinkosaurus' is? Ask your child!  We have begun to use these to support 'characteristics of effective learning'.  These are the characteristics that a child demonstrates as an effective learner!  













As the temperature drops please consider putting extra layers on your child, we are keeping well ventilated and we have some free-flow time (where the door is open to allow access to the outside area) but this all combines to create a chilly classroom!





This week we have completed set one of our graphemes with ng and nk and have been reviewing the split digraphs of sh and ch.  This week we have assessed all the children to check which graphemes need further reviewing and they have really impressed us!  Keep up the practise at home - it makes such a difference!








We have also begun our 'red words' (you had a set sent home). 

The red words this week are: I, the, you and your.


These are tricky words that cannot be sounded out - they need to be sight read.  If you can, stick these up around the house for your child to say as they go past, or write the words on duplo bricks or pebbles to play games with them.







Week beginning 22nd November 2021


Another great week in Reception!


As always, we have done too much to mention it all here but some highlights include:


Creating our own stick wands in forest school!  Have a go when you do on a walk - select a suitable fallen stick, then decorate it!  Great fun and see if you can make each family members look different!


 Soup - it was delicious! We hope that you have already heard lots about this! The children were involved in the preparation of the soup and the ingredients included: turnip, potatoes, leeks and swede (to name a few).





The lovely Mrs R then cooked and blended it for us before we had our taste session. Vegetable soup is so easy to make and children can be actively involved in the preparation (with supervision) of vegetables including the peeling and chopping.  This activity incorporates so many fundamental skills such as fine motor skills, considering our own health and safety, maths skills, communication and talking, to name a few.  Don't forget to put any soup making attempts onto Tapestry!


In maths we have explored number using the language of one more and one less.  One of the activities we did was sing/play 'five current buns'. We then made current buns and sang the song at funky finger time!


Have a go at home with Mrs Mitchell using this video link:




In English we have continued to imitate our T4W story of 'the enormous turnip', we have cut up sentences to re-order and retold it using puppets.









Our phonic focus has been:  z,   ch,   qu,   x


(reminder: 2 letters together are called a digraph and we call them 'special friends' with the children.


Keep using your flashcards at home with your child as it really helps them. If they just say the image e.g. apple, verbally repeat a a a apple (a is a bouncy sound) or ssssss snake).








Use these photographs below to help talk about school with your child.


Try open ended questions (require more than a yes or no) such as:


What were you doing here?


What did you have to persevere at with ...?


What equipment did you have to use to...?

Snapshot of some activities this week (week beginning 22nd November 2021)

Week beginning 15th November 2021


What a lovely week we have had in Reception!


In maths we have been subitising objects (looking at a group of objects and instantly knowing the quantity e.g. we subitise when we use dice). We've loved ordering numerals on washing lines, throwing beanbags into the correct numeral hoop and searching for numbers in our learning areas!


In English we have continued to recite our T4W story. We've begun to write simple sentences.  We have started 'hold a sentence'. This is where we say a simple sentence (e.g. I can pull the man.), for each word we pat our head and for the full stop we press our nose.  We practise this again and again, maybe using silly voices.  As we learn this skill we will then start to write it down. 'Hold a sentence' is a vital part of the process as it provides us with what we are going to write.


In forest school we loved doing bark rubbing!  We had to choose 5 different types of bark.


Have a go at creating a rubbing on natural objects when you go for a walk. Don't forget to upload comments/photographs onto Tapestry.



Graphemes learnt this week are sh, y,  w and th  (when we have 2 letters that say one sound we call this a digraph).


We have also been busy enjoying activities including junk modelling, making and cutting playdough vegetables, playing with small world people, creating cone characters for our story and creating with craft!  


This week we have welcomed Miss Bayleigh Mccolloch to our team. She will be supporting both Shrimp and Octopus class.


Snapshot of week beginning 15th November 2021 - Ask your child what the activity was!

Week beginning 8th November 2021


We have had another busy week in Reception!  


The graphemes in phonics are:  h ,   r ,    j  and v, please keep practising these at home and word building with sounds that are known e.g. hat, rat, jet, vet. When we 'word build' we sound it out each sound we can hear on our Freddy Fingers.


In maths we have been exploring shape using their names, properties and looking for them in real life.  We looked at Kandinsky's art (2 web links below) to explore how he used shape.  We loved printing with 3D shapes and seeing what shapes we made.


We have also explored our equipment using positional language such as over, on top, under, behind, next to, in front of. Have a go at directing other people using these words or playing 'I spy' something under...


In forest school we went on a shape hunt and used shape viewers to help us! What shapes can you see in your house?




In English we have sequenced our story of 'The enormous Turnip' and begun to use our phonic skills to write a sentence to accompany the story e.g. It is big'. 


We held the minutes silence in our classrooms and talked about the significance of 11th November and poppies.  We also made poppies in Funky Fingers with our playdough, we had to use lots of finger skills such as squashing, pinching and rolling.


A big hit this week has been junk modelling, we have had so many creative ideas such as a cruise ship!


We really value your contribution to your child's learning so when they amaze you at home, please add a comment/photo to Tapestry.



Snapshot of week beginning 8th November 2021

Week beginning Monday 1st November 2021


It has been great to see the children return recharged after half term 🙂


We have started back at school with a bang!  In Forest school we made self-portraits using natural resources: if you have a go when out on a walk please upload your photographs to Tapestry!


In maths we have explored the composition of 3, where can you spot '3' or representations of 3 within your home (it could be hiding within a bigger quantity!).



The children are continuing to learn new graphemes within our phonic lessons - this week we have learnt b    f   e   and   l (light).  Your support at home with the flashcards is vital for your children so thank you for continuing to do this.  



A few ideas of practising graphemes include:

-Show the card and child jumps and says the sound

-Stick the cards up the stairs and say together as you go up/down

-Place the cards on the floor, adult saying a word and child drives a toy car to the correct initial sound (e.g. say dig, car drives to 'd').  

-Write the sounds with a marker on bricks, say a word, can the child find the first sound and any more sounds in the world (build the word).







In literacy we have started the learn our Talk for Writing 'The Enormous Turnip', we will send the script home next week so your child can perform it for you.  Lots of our continuous provision is centred around this text and a particular favourite has been pretending to pull the turnip up out of the ground (pulling tyres with ropes)!


As the temperature drops, please layer your child up (e.g. plain vest or tshirt under school shirt) and send in coats, gloves and hats.  The classrooms are chilly and extra layers are needed for when we go outdoors.


Our value for this half term was explained to the children in Worship this week and is compassion.  Ask your child if they can tell you what this means or examples of this.