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Autumn Term 1

W/C Monday 19th October


This week we have been reading books with rhyiming words including Each Peach Pear Plum and The Smartest Giant in Town.  The children enjoyed finding rhyming items in the tuff tray and going on an I-spy hunt to find all the storybook characters from this half term.  We also had fun exploring pumpkins by making pumpkin pictures and cutting up the pumpkin.


It's great to see all of our parents up and running on Tapestry -  as it is the end of our topic and we can't have a proper showcase, maybe you could look through the posts with your child and help them to reflect on their experiences.


We hope you have a great half-term break, we would love to see what you get up to, so remember to add some Tapesty posts of your own - maybe you could build a den, go on an I-spy walk, explore the woods or beach, share some stories or have an indoor picnic.....

WC Monday 12th October


This week we have been reading "Jack and the Beanstalk".  We've been counting out magic beans, re-playing the story in the giants castle and had great fun moving our story time outside, where we used a variety of movements to tell the story.  Some of the children worked hard moving the dirt for the mud kitchen and helping to plant some seeds.


I hope you have all managed to get your Tapestry accounts up and running, if you haven't returned your consent slip yet, please get it back to us so that you can see your child's individual learning Journey.  It is lovely to see some parents already adding observations from home and updating the all about me page - this helps us to get to know your child even better and to work as a team to support their learning and development.


Don't forget - Friday 23rd October is our dress-up day to celebrate the end of our "Will you read me a story" topic.  Letters were e-mailed to all of our Friday children, so if you've not received one please let us know.


W/C Monday 5th October


This week we've been reading "The Gingerbread Man".  The children have explored different ways of decorating their gingerbread man pictures and making gingerbread men in the playdough.  They were very excited to share their ideas when the gingerbread man left us a note asking for help to cross the river!  They then went on to draw or make their suggestions which included boats, bridges and a submarine.  In the garden, some of the children have spotted quite a few snails and wanted to find them a home so they didn't get hurt.

W/C Monday 28th September


This week we've been exploring the story of The Three Little Pigs.  The children have enjoyed re-enacting the story in the tuff tray by building straw, stick and brick houses - it was great to hear them reciting phrases from the story as they played.  They have also been busy making their own houses using small cardboard boxes inside and large-scale construction outside.  The interactive counting and shape games on the whiteboard have been very popular, the children were amazing at taking turns with their friends and helping each other out with their numbers.  We've had lots of requests to sing our favourite songs - Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Sleeping Bunnies - I've added a link to the words below in case you want to sing along at home!

W/C Monday 21st September


This week the children have really enjoyed exploring "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".  They've spent a long time making porridge in the tuff tray and helped to work out who was biggest, medium sized and smallest so we could draw around them and make the characters in the story.  They loved the Goldilocks song - you can join in together at home following the link below!  The children have enjoyed making their own balance beam courses outside and finding different ways to put our resources to good use.  They have enjoyed spotting the pictures of themselves and friends sharing books, so if you haven't sent us a picture, please do, so we can add it to the display.

W/C Monday 14th September


This week we have continued our sea creature theme, reading "Tiddler" by Julia Donaldson, "Commotion in the Ocean" by Giles Andreae and "The Fish Who Could Wish" by John Bush.  The children were very good at naming all the different sea creatures!  Inspired by the books, we have been painting sea creatures using a variety of shapes and tools to print with. The children were also interested in how the magnets work, so we have been exploring objects that "stick" in the tuff tray.  This week we have begun to welcome our new children to Mulberry Bush.  They have got off to a fantastic start, quickly getting stuck in and discovering all our resources and activities.  We are really proud of how helpful and welcoming our older children have been.

W/C Monday 7th September


It has been lovely to welcome back our children this week.  We have been focusing on settling in and helping the children to become familiar with us and the new layout off Pre-School.  We have started to look at the book "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers and talking about our world.  The children were particularly interested in exploring under the sea, they amazed us with thier knowledge of sea creatures!


Welcome to Autumn Term 1!  Our topic this half term is "Will you read me a story?".  We are looking forward to getting to know our new children and sharing lots of stories.  Please let us know if you have some favourite books and we will try to encorporate them on our journey.  We are staring off by exploring "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers.


As always we would love to hear about what you've been doing at home, so please drop us an e-mail or send us some photos.