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Autumn One 2020

Week 7 (week beginning 19th October 2020)


WOW - your amazing children have done a whole half term at school!  We have said every week how they have amazed us with how well they have settled in and they are already proving terrific role-models of the St Andrew's Way. You should be very proud of them!  We would also like to thank you as parent's, your positivity and support have enabled your children to settle beautifully into class and school routine. Thank you!


Thank you to all that have completed the parent consultation forms; we will be in touch (email) to give you the date and time slot.


Many of you have successfully logged onto Tapestry. If you have any problems please let us know as we will be putting work on here for the children should any closures occur.  It is a great idea to show your child their tapestry account as they do like to see pictures of themselves, and, it is a great opportunity for them to talk about what has happened (recount), adding more detail and using the correct past tense words!


We have enjoyed Each Peach Pear Plum and activities have included counting fruit into pies, writing about our favourite pie fillings, painting pictures of our favourite fairy tale character and much, much more! We have loved our fairy tale character day and it was great to see the children sharing all their story knowledge.  On Friday the children that were signed up for it, had their flu vaccinations.  The children took this in their stride and the nurses enjoyed seeing the variety of costumes, they should have a certificate in their bag!


Shrimp class enjoyed forest school and seeing what natural objects they could fit into a peg.  Let us know if you have tried it as a family!


Our beans are beginning to grow beautifully and hopefully yours has made it home safely.  Our 'bean in a bag' has fascinated the children who have carefully taken turns to look at how it has grown and the roots that they can see.



Graphemes taught this week j, v, y, w, th.  See 'parent links and information' tab for the complete list.  Please help your children learn these using the flashcards that were sent home.







On Tuesday 3rd November the children return to school and our topic will be 'What happens when I sleep?'   


As part of our impact event we are asking children to come to school in their PJs (a letter was sent earlier this week/see letters tab'). 


Normal school activities and play times will be held so please make sure they are warm enough with layers, nighties have leggings/trousers and anything that they may take off is named!




Click here to watch the 'star of the week' school video


Octopus Star of the week


Evan for terrific effort at reading using the sounds he has been learning and working hard to practise his mental maths!


Shrimp Star of the week


Finley for persevering and trying his best in everything!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!


We hope that you have a lovely half term with lots of rest and fun! 

We look forward to seeing you very soon!


The week in photographs

Week 6 (week beginning 12th October 2020)


This week in Reception we have been exploring activities based upon 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  We have planted beans (thank you for all the donations!), thought about what our beans will need to grow, counted leaves, compared sizes of feet and much more!


We hope you have managed to get onto Tapestry - please speak or email us if you have any issues.


On Monday it was Octopus class turn in the Forest school area and we were exploring 'How many natural items can fit in a peg'.  Try taking one out on a walk and see what you can find.  Can everyone in your family try and find different things?  This is a great activity for finger control and strength!


On Monday 19th October it is Shrimp Class turn in Forest school; please wear suitable clothing.



A letter was emailed out to all families about dressing up on Friday 23rd October (our last day before half term). A copy of this letter can be found under the 'letters' tab.  We don't want this to cause any stress so please speak to us if you are unsure.


We have sent out grapheme (written letter) packs and number cards today (inside reading records), along with an information sheet. Please keep these safe and use them with your child. We request that you only use the ones that have been taught so far in school, for a list of these look at the 'parent links and information' tab.


Next week look out for an email offering an opportunity to sign up for a suitable time-slot, for a telephone parent consultation.  We want to speak to every family and it will help us greatly if you can give us an indication of suitable times.


Remember 26th- 30th October is half term so no school and there is a training day on Monday 2nd November so children are back in on Tuesday 3rd November.


Next week we are looking at a variety of traditional/fairy tales and using the story 'Each Peach Pear Plum' as our text. If you have time please share this with your child over the weekend.


This is a Youtube link with no filters so please supervise





Click here to watch the Worship school video


Octopus Star of the week


Leo for working really hard on fine motor skills, pencil grip and cutting out.


Shrimp Star of the week


Amelia for having a positive attitude and trying her best. 


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

The week in photographs

Week five (week beginning 5th October)


Your children are working so hard at school and trying to follow the St Andrew's Way! 


We have been exploring the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and some of the activities we have joined in with have been: planning how to decorate our gingerbread man, decorating our gingerbread man, re-telling the story with cone puppets (you can't catch me!), using ginger playdough, cutting out gingerbread men and creating obstacle courses for the gingerbread man to complete. Phew!


In maths we have been using the vocabulary 'more' and 'fewer' to compare sets of objects.  We have done this is lots of different ways such as:  ordering gingerbread men with numerals on, comparing how many buttons etc they may have, we looked at the story of 'A Squash and a Squeeze' to compare how the house felt as everyone squeezed in.  At home try getting a handful of pasta (or buttons or small objects). Compare how many each person picked up - who as more? Who has fewest? Is there a reason for it?


What happens if you put a gingerbread man in different liquids?  Ask your child as we carried out this experiment this week!  We used oil, vinegar, juice and water. Can you predict what happened? Look at the photographs to see!


Next Monday 12th October it is Octopus turn in Forest school so please wear appropriate clothing. 


Next week we are sharing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Please share it together if you have a copy or try watching this version on youtube. 


One version to try!

This is a Youtube link so supervision is necessary.


There are many variations so if you have time, internet search another and see if you can spot the similarities and differences.





A big thank you to everyone that has been able to donate seeds/pots/soil - you are superstars!  We have so many that we will be storing some ready for spring time and more planting opportunities! 



Click here to watch the Worship school video


Octopus Star of the week


Finlay for showing us greater confidence and following the 'St Andrew's Way'!


Shrimp Star of the week


Jack for confidently doubling the number 1 until he reached 64!

                                                         Amazing maths!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week four (Week beginning 28thSeptember)


This has been a week of very mixed weather! Thank you if you have provided wellies to keep at school, there is an expectation that when children want to use the outdoor area that they will change their footwear.  Please speak to us if you have any questions.


‘I'll huff and I’ll puff….’ Has been a key phrase this week!  We have explored activities based upon the story of 'The 3 Little Pigs' and we have used sticks, hay as well as more traditional classroom building items to make our own houses.  We have used puppets to retell the story and thought about the repeated phrases that we all love to join in with!  This story has enabled us to think about shapes and we have explored 2D (flat) shapes as well as some 3D shapes.  Encourage your child to notice shapes in their environment and to describe them using the vocabulary of the shape name, number of sides, corners and the similarities/differences between the shapes. 


Octopus Class explored our forest school area for the first time on Monday, this coming Monday (05.10.2020)  it will be the turn of Shrimp class. Please ensure they are wearing their outdoor sports wear and bring coats/wellies/hats etc as needed.


In your child’s reading diary you will find their username and login details for NumBots and Reading Eggs. These are great resources that you can use from home. Parent guides are available in the 'parent links and information' section. Please do speak to us if you have trouble accessing them, there are different app versions available for mobile devices as well as PCs.  Links to these can be found on our main class page under 'weblinks'.


Please can you check your child's jumpers for their name as we have had a couple disappear and we suspect they may have gone home with the wrong child!  Please return to your child's teacher if you find one that doesn't belong to you - thank you!


Next week we will be sharing the traditional tale 'The Gingerbread Man'. If you have a copy please share it at home, or watch this retelling together. 

The Gingerbread Man

This is a Youtube link with no filters. Please supervise your child when using.







Click here to watch the school video


Octopus Star of the week


Iris for confidently talking about harvest and sharing what her family are growing.


Shrimp Star of the week


Luke for having a positive attitude to learning and enjoying every part of his school day!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week four in photographs

Week three (week beginning 21.09.2020) 


Yet again your children have made us proud!  They have settled into staying at school for the whole day, with all their classmates, brilliantly!  They are really getting to grips with our routines, staying for lunch etc!




We have been looking at Goldilocks and the 3 bears this week to start our first topic of ‘Will you tell me a story?’ Within this topic we will be exploring traditional tales and fairy tales.   


We started this week by looking for story clues hidden in the classroom and have spent time doing activities such as retelling the story, comparing sizes, threading story characters and using porridge oats. 







Next week we are sharing 'The Three Little Pigs' so please read it with your child over the weekend or watch it together with the link.


This is a youtube link so supervision is required as content is not filtered.




This week we have also started phonics teaching and have begun with m, a, s, d and t.  Watch out for phonic flash cards coming home soon.


Use this link that shows correct pronounciation:

We only start with 'set 1' so you don't need to watch all of it yet!



Please bring in wellies that can be kept at school and always bring a coat.


If your child would like milk you have to register for it, please see the email you have been sent or click on this for the link



Click here to watch the school video


Octopus Star of the week


Jackson for perseverance and a positive attitude to new experiences!


Shrimp Star of the week


                                          Wren for growing in confidence and coming to                                                                  school with a big smile!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week three in photographs

Week two (week beginning 14.09.2020)


Another busy, fantastic week in Reception!  We have been listening to more of our whole school story of 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers.  This book has been the basis of many of our fun activities we have participated in. If you would like to share this story with your child please click the link below.


'Here we are'


Be aware this is a youtube link so please supervise your child at all times and be aware that there are no filters.







We have enjoyed painting and decorating our salt dough starfish, creating 'self portraits', considered how nature makes us feel, made bird feeders, explored our classroom resources and talked about identifying our emotions.  We have loved getting to know one another better.



Ask your child what we do with these emotion cards!

(We put our name pebbles on them when we come in to school in the morning!)





We are looking forward to welcoming all the children for a full day on Monday. Don't forget bags, hats, bottles etc! 


Octopus Star of the week


Alby for already being a terrific St Andrew's role model!


Shrimp Star of the week


Oliver P for fabulous manners!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week two in photographs!

Week 1 (beginning: 07.09.2020)


The children have settled so well this week and we are very proud of their positive attitude and resilience!  Thank you to all the families for your support in making their start work so well.


What a busy week!  The children have begun to share the story 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers which is being used across the school.  We have made our own worlds, used our senses to explore our environment and thought about parts of our body.  We shared our school story of 'Starfish on the Beach' and talked to the children about how at St Andrew's we all 'make a difference', how we can do this and how our positive choices can earn starfish.


Please remember to bring bookbags and water bottles daily.  Next week your child will be attending school in the alternative time slot so check Mr Spoke's original letter for more details.


A letter was sent home on Thursday, this is available to download in the 'letters' tab.


Octopus Star of the week


All Octopus Class for having a fantastic first week at big school!


Shrimp Star of the week


All Shrimp Class for making such a good start to their time at St Andrews!


Each week one child is selected from each class to be 'Star of the Week'.  This child has demonstrated something to their teachers that has stood out!

Week One