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Autumn One 2021

Week beginning 18th October 2021


A super last week has been had by all.  Thank you if you attended parent's evening, we hope you found it useful.  If you were unable to please chat to us about arranging an alternative time to meet/speak.


In our Talk for Writing (T4W) we have been 'innovating' the story. On this occasion that means we changed some of the characters to make a new story that 'hugs' the original.  Ask your child what characters were changed.


Tapestry - if you haven't yet managed to log on - let us know.  We are putting more observations and photographs on your child's account and value your input from home also.  



In maths we have been exploring 1, 2 and 3.  We have been looking at the numerals as well as finding different ways to represent 1, 2 or 3.  We have thrown the number of beanbags into the hoops with numerals on, made playdough by counting the ingredients/steps etc.  We have enjoyed playing with dice and counting objects to match the numeral thrown. 


Recreate this at home with post-it note numbers and throwing  the correct number of rolled up socks to them. 


In forest school we had a lovely Autumn welly walk and then explored finding and representing 3.  How could you make 3?


We made the most of the wind by making our own kites with paper, string and sticky tape!  Challenge each other at home to make a kite then go and safely fly it!


We had great fun using our counting skills to make our own playdough!  





Have a go at making your own playdough with Mrs Mitchell! Click on the video link.

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1 1/2 tbsp oil

cup hand hot water (add colour to water)



Be brave - let your children measure and mix independently (supervised)!

Ask your children to lead you in a funky finger session!


Graphemes this week: o, c, k and u


We hope that you have a lovely half term with lots of fun and rest!  We look forward to seeing you on Monday 1st November


Snapshot of week beginning 18th October

Week beginning 11th October 2021


This week we have begun to learn our 'Talk for Writing' story, 'The little Red Hen'.




The whole school follow Pie Corbett's 'Talk 4 Writing' approach where oracy and learning stories/texts through actions and story maps are key.


We have sent home our Little Red Hen story map for your child to show and teach you our story.  The children have continued to amaze us with how well they are retelling the story, using the actions and repetitive story language.









As you will know from your child telling you the story, the little red hen makes bread and we LOVED making our own!  An activity like this incorporates so many learning opportunities including physical development of arm and hand movement, observational skills of watching how the mix changes throughout the process, language skills as we talked about it and they hopefully told you all about it at home!  This is just some of the areas included!  If you want to try at home we used a 'bread mix' available from all supermarkets but split each pack into 8 pieces, after leaving it to rise it was then baked for 10/15 minutes!  What a treat!








Our maths this week has been all about repeating patterns, we have made patterns with actions, lego, mobilo, cones and probably the children's favourite - fruit!  Try making some patterns at home with toys or food/household items. Make one each and see if you can continue the others persons on.














Next week we are holding parent consultations - if you haven't booked an appointment then please see your child's teacher.


We have some unclaimed, un-named items popping up in class.  Please label every item your child brings to school as we cannot reunite items with no name.  Please also check it is still there after washing!







Check bookbags

Sent home this week: reading ideas, story map and photograph order sheet.








Graphemes learnt this week

t     i     n     p     g  




As we near the end of your child's first half term please take a moment to reflect how well they have done, they all come into class with smiles and carry out the morning routine!  Your children are doing you proud!

Week beginning 4th October 2021


The children have again impressed us with how well they have learnt new tasks and activities this week!


Now the baseline has been completed we have begun more learning activities. 


Thank you to all those that were able to attend the phonic meeting on Monday - we hope you found it useful.  You will have received (at the meeting or in your child's bag) a set of phonic flashcards and word cards for you to cut up. 


We introduce each sound at a steady pace so please don't rush through them all.  Each week we will list the new sounds on our webpage so please only work through those.



Correct pronunciation of each sound is vital and it is very common for us to over-pronounce - often adding an 'ugh' sound to the end (you may not be aware of it).  This over-pronunciation makes it tricky when we blend the sounds to read.  Click here for a very useful video that demonstrates the pronunciation.  You'll also find the link on the Parent links and information tab


This week we learnt m, a, s and d.


On Monday we found something mysterious in the classrooms- eggs and straw? Where did it come from? Why was it left? Who left it?  What do you think?


Our collected ideas sheets are in the gallery below!






In maths we have been matching and sorting.  We have found some items match exactly (e.g. socks) but some things have similarities (e.g. different sized squares).  Support your child with this at home by playing snap (a normal deck of cards works well), matching the socks after washing or sorting toys.  Take it in turns to sort items and see if you can guess the sorting criteria (e.g. colour, size, item, shapes etc).



Top tip - shoes


Some children are still finding it tricky to get shoes on the correct feet, please try to allow them time at home to put shoes on independently and here are some suggestions to support this.


Place a x on the inside edge of each shoe so they have to 'kiss' to be correct, or draw a picture in the bottom of both to match.







'Give a high five and then say goodbye'. Place the shoes next to each other so the straps stretch up to 'high five', then, as they fasten they say 'goodbye'.



Next week we are hoping to make bread - please see your child's teacher if you have any concerns or questions.











Snapshot of week beginning 4th October 2021

Week beginning 27th September 2021


The children have continued to settle incredibly well and we are all very proud of them!  They are showing amazing skills and routines such as lining up in register order!  They also wowed everyone by singing the harvest song in our reception and KS1 harvest worship.  You can listen to our song below and on the schools social media pages.


A highlight of the week has been sharing 'Paddington in the garden' and we loved making our own sandwiches!  We all joined in with spreading bread with butter and then marmalade and the children demonstrated terrific fine motor skills.  Most of us tried our sandwich - ask us what we thought of it!


In forest school we collected items to make a floor picture; have a look in the gallery.  Can you make a floor picture at home? We would love to see pictures of any you manage to do!


Other activities we have enjoyed this week are: rolling dice and showing of our number skills, using tweezers to move counters into containers, using our outdoor shop to buy and sell items, practising our scissor skills to cut out different shape lines, practising our listening skills and so much more!


Thank you if you have already responded to book a phonic workshop session for Monday 4th October - there is still time so please tell us which session you would prefer.


This week we will start sending home our class toy.  One child from each class will be chosen to take home the class toy with their diary (Oscar Octopus and Sheldon Shrimp).  Please share a favourite story/book with the toy, record the title in the diary and then send the toy, diary and book to school for us to share with the whole class (the book will then be returned to you).  If you are able to add a photograph then please do, but, we can take and print a photo at school to add to the diary.  Please return the toy at/before the stated day so that we have time to ‘isolate’ the toy before sending to another family.



We have sent out emails for parent accounts to be set up - if you haven't seen it please check your junk box and then speak/email us.


Listen to our harvest song!

Snapshot of week beginning 27th September 2021

Week beginning 20th September 2021


We have enjoyed a lovely week at school enjoying this mild September weather although the breeze on the playground and in the outdoor areas can get chilly – please send in jumpers/coats.


We have continued with our story of Errol’s garden and were astonished when he found a roof space on the very top of his flat!  He asked for our help for what he could include in this garden roof!  We had lots of ideas!  We have used our fine motor skills to create unusual flower designs.








In worship we began to think about harvest and look forward to our worship on Monday – you should have received a message about contributions for the local food bank.  We all learnt a harvest song to sing in worship to the other children J

Try and sing it as a family at home!








We are continuing to carry out the “EYFS baseline assessment” with all children in class. This is a government requirement and an information booklet about this is below, or, click on this weblink: “EYFS baseline assessment”


Thank you for writing comments in the children’s reading diaries, this is so useful for us to see how they are getting on at home with their school book and to the variety of other stories you share at home.  We will continue to change books on a Friday. It is important to form good routines and habits and a little reading every day is important. You may be able to set a routine time each day or it may vary depending on the family demands.  It is important for your child to realise that it is something that happens routinely and is expected. Please speak to us if you need any support with this.


Thank you to those that were able to attend our Reception Q&A over Teams. Click  on the link to view the recording: 


 If you have any further questions please do ask or email us.



Check book-bags everyday for letters, one has come home this week about phonic meetings.

















Snapshot of week beginning 20th September 2021

Week beginning Monday 13th September 2021


A busy week in reception and the children are really getting to grips with some of our routines. 


This week we started joining in Worship with the KS1 classes and the children really enjoyed being with other groups of children. We have worships with KS1 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday is our celebration worship where two children will be awarded certificates from each class.  One is ‘star learner’ of the week (a child that stands out for learning/learning attitude) and one is ‘star values’ of the week; this is for a child that has stood out for demonstrating our school values.  You will find this weeks stars below and on the main class page.


In our school newsletter you may have seen that the school is basing work on three texts. In Reception we are using ‘Errol’s Garden’ and have begun to slowly look at it together.







We have really enjoyed ‘funky finger’ time. This is when we use our individual playdough and sing songs, make models and use tools: all this helps us strengthen the important fingers and hands!













We have also enjoyed a percussion instrument session where we used our listening skills to play at the right time.








Your children are getting used to the morning routine and are wowing us with how well they are getting used to this!


Here you can see some of their morning jobs. Ask them what they have to do with their named pebble!








Check bookbags for letters that have come home this week!












School PE kit to be worn on Monday (PE) and Tuesday (Forest school). 

If possible please bring spare wellies that can live at school – we use them daily and not just on Forest School day!

Water bottle daily

Coat daily


Please speak to us about any concerns, no matter how small, in person or by email.


week beginning 13th September 2021 in photographs!

Week beginning Monday 6th September 2021


Thank you for your support this week; together we have ensured your children have made a brilliant start to school.  We know half days can be a logistical nightmare - it make such a difference to how the children settle! 


All the children have loved playing in our classrooms, our outdoor areas and we also enjoyed exploring more of our school grounds. See the photo gallery below for more ideas of what we have been up to!


This week your children have spent a lot of time learning about each other, our school and our learning and behaviour expectations.  All these new experiences may mean that your child is particularly tired. Please speak to us about any concerns or queries you or your children have as children learn best when they are happy and we like to prevent any small worries growing bigger.  


Tapestry online learning journal

This is our online learning journal that we use at St Andrew’s which enables you to see what your child is doing at school.  

More information will follow next week in the form of a letter and a PowerPoint will be available on our class page. 


Please send in daily:

- wellies (if you can spare a pair to live at school that would help as we put them on to go out in damp/wet weather) 


-water bottle 

-book bag with reading book and record in




1, 2, 3, star

We have spent time talking about our school behaviour system ‘1, 2, 3, star’ (a copy was in the pack you were given and can also be viewed in the 'parent link and information' tab on the class page).  The children have loved earning starfish for positive choices. When a poor choice is made we use levels, please see ‘1, 2, 3, star’ for more information about this.  If your child gets a level 3 then parent’s will be told.  Please don’t worry if your child gets 'levels' initially as it is a learning journey for them of understanding our behaviour expectations and, then following them.  




Reading books

A letter, book and reading record went home in your child’s bookbag.  These will be changed on a Friday morning (starting 17.09.21). See the letter for more details and as always, ask if you need support in managing to read daily. 

week beginning 6th September 2021 in photographs!