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Every six weeks we undertake an attendance review! If your child's attendance has recently dropped below 96%, you will receive a letter from Claire Alison, our Family Support and Attendance Officer, informing you that we will be monitoring their attendance over the next six weeks.

The school is very aware that some children have medical or personal circumstances which negatively impact on attendance on a long-term basis, and we understand that many of our children have had chicken pox or scarlet fever during this academic year, which will also have lowered their attendance percentage. The school is required to provide the Local Authority with evidence to show how we are supporting families where a child's attendance is below 96%. At this early stage it is not possible to break down the attendance of every child, which is why letters will be sent to all families in this category regardless of the reason.

Please do not worry if you receive an attendance-monitoring letter. Whilst we do want your children to hit that '96% and above' target for their own precious learning and development, please be reassured that this is part of a process which enables us to support families where we can and also provide the Local Authority with the statistics they require each term.

If you have received a monitoring letter previously and your child's attendance has not improved or has dropped further, you may be invited to attend a meeting to discuss your child's attendance and to see if the school is able to provide support in helping to build up their attendance. If you have been invited to an attendance meeting previously and your child's attendance has not improved or dropped further, you will be required to attend a second attendance meeting.  If you are not able to attend on the date offered, you can contact the Family Support and Attendance Officer to arrange a time convenient to you. However, if you miss the meeting, it will take place in absentia and you will be provided with a copy of the outcome of the meeting. 

We really hope this will answer any questions and help you to understand why these letters are being sent out. If you have any worries about your child's attendance, you do not need to wait for a letter! Contact the Family Support and Attendance Officer now to arrange an appointment to come in and chat about the support we can offer:

Miss Claire Alison

07512 256 403

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