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Ask For a 'Missed Work' Pack

When your child is poorly, we don't want you to extend your their illness by stressing them out over work. The best way to make sure they're actually absorbing everything is to make sure they're healthy. Take care of the health issues first, before you tackle anything else. Good communication with your child's teacher will help to ensure that your child doesn't miss anything really important, and their teacher will be able to provide a missed work pack that they can work through to make sure they don't fall behind or simply miss out on the good stuff!




If your child is going to be off for a while, perhaps due to an operation or other circumstance, try to help their teacher by planning ahead. Chat with the teacher a week or two before their planned absence and ask for some work ahead of time, so the teacher has time to look ahead and provide the right work so your child doesn't miss out.


Being given all the assignments in one large block may well overwhelm your child, so you could think about popping into school weekly to collect work, which will also give you a chance to keep the lines of communication open between you and your child's class.  If it's not possible to make weekly trips into school, ask the teacher to arrange the work week by week, so that you can present it to your child in this way and avoid making them anxious.  As always, if you are not sure about something, the Family Support and Attendance Officer is here to help!