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5 Little Speckled Frogs

5 Little Speckled Frog Activities by Mrs Tidy


  • Practise and learn the song – watch Mrs Tidy’s video and sing along


  • Draw, paint or make 5 little speckled frogs with any available resources and use to act out the nursery rhyme. Use a kitchen roll tube or, if you have one, a real 'log' (stick or similar in the garden).  You could use positional language to talk about where the frogs are. 'in/in front of/behind' the log.


  • Draw, or print if this is an option, a picture of a frog. The aim of this game is to encourage basic counting, subitising, addition and subtraction skills.  Children are provided with a green frog, a dice and green play dough.  The idea is to roll the dice and then make the number of speckles for the frog’s tummy that is shown on the dice.  Roll the dice again, do we need to add or takeaway any speckles.


  • You can if your child would like to make speckled frogs up to 10. With each frog having speckles one to 10 on their tummies (dots or playdough). Then on cards or paper write the numbers 1 to 10 and have the children match quantity to numeral. Encouraging their number recognition.


  • Have the children draw a large track either indoors or outdoors and they can either jump their speckled frogs along it, or if there is space, they can become the speckled frog themselves and hop along their track.


  • Watch on YouTube if you have access 'Come Outside – Frogs' with Aunty Mabel and Pippin. A personal favourite of Mrs Tidy's.   See below. 


  • Make frog masks. Works great if you have any spare paper plates hanging around. Draw, paint, collage depending on what you have available?


  • Look at and discuss the life cycle of a frog. See below.


5 Little Speckled Frogs with Mrs Tidy

Still image for this video