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4th May - 10th May

This pages contains the wider curriculum information, weekly update and weekly photograph gallery wink



Louie - WOW!  You have kept up the effort and concentration - especially with your writing!


Eloise - WOW!  For trying so hard on a variety of learning!


Jacob D - WOW!  For excellent maths and science learning!

Thank you for all your efforts as we come to the end of another week of home schooling.


We hope the week has been a productive, fun and happy one and that you have taken on board the must, should, could way of working. 


Like us, some days your children will be driven, motivated and eager to work and be challenged. They will do all the work set and be so pleased and proud. On other days your children may not want to do anything. On these days we may become frustrated or worried that they will fall behind. Don’t worry just leave the learning for the morning or another day, regroup and try again when the time is right. A happy contented child will learn.  


If your child (or you) is becoming overwhelmed with emotions there are lots of useful links on our school webpage.  It could also be good to ask your child to teach you rocket breaths, we do these in class when our emotions feel too big. Tell your child that you are feeling a bit cross/grumpy/emotional/fizzy inside and that Mrs M has said about a breathing technique that you have done in class, can they teach you.  These can be effective, particularly when we all take part.


You may have noticed that we have put some learning up for Friday. It’s bank holiday! Please don’t feel obliged to work with your children. It’s VE Day on Friday so you may want to look at that with your child. It may be that your street is having a social distancing street party 🥳.  Whatever you choose to do on Friday, have fun. 


Finally please give your child a big high five from us for all the hard work they have been doing. 🙂