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27th April - 3rd May

This pages contains the wider curriculum information, weekly update and weekly photograph gallery laugh

Key Stage 1 wider curriculum - week beginning 27th April 2020



Jacob K- WOW!  You have really worked hard this week with Lexia and maths!


Mason - WOW!  For continuing to do terrific home learning!


Adam - WOW!  For excellent learning and looking at other ways to learn!

We hope you have survived this week of rain, drizzle and wind, gloomy skies, it seems to have made the week more challenging.  As always, we are here at the end of email to help support you in any way that we can. Continue to use the resources we are providing on our KS1 webpages but if your child is inspired by some project learning - go for it!  Keep in mind the 'must' tasks of reading, writing/maths but these can be incorporated into other passions your child has 🙂
You may have seen two latest projects that Miss Goodwin has been busy working on, but if you haven't, take a look as they will make you smile and hopefully bring joy to your children 🙂   
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We will continue to put photographs on this weekly Seahorse class page as these are enabling our class to stay connected by seeing what their friends are getting up to. Please just email them to us.


We are also putting our weekly 'WOW home learners' on this page; let us know what your child has been up to so that we could select them.
As always, keep in touch with us as much as you can and drop us an email once a week just to let us know how you are all doing.  
Thank you to those that have already responded to our emails!