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Year 6 - Swordfish class

Welcome to the Webpage for Swordfish Class (Year 6)


                  Scroll down for a new section which outlines what our class has been learning during the past week.

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Main teacher: Ms. Johnstone.

Other adults in the classroom at various times: Miss Elsworth and Miss Goodwin.


Scroll down to find useful information, documents and details of Year 6 expectations and current learning in the classroom.


Dates for your diaries:


  • Sats Week: Monday 13th May - Friday 17th May 2019


  • Secondary Schools Transition Day: Tuesday 9th July 2019



        Wednesday 10th July - Friday 12th July 2019


  • HILL HOUSE RESIDENTIAL: June 18th - 20th June 2019

        The HILL HOUSE residential is always a success: "It wasn't just good - it was incredible." (Ben); "Hill House   

        was educational." (Imogen); "Hill House was great with loads of activities. I recommend it." (Michael) "It is    

        seriously amazing." (Gui); "Hill House provided us with so many opportunities that we could never be 

        bored." (Charlie/Ruby S).


Salisbury Cathedral Leaver's Service: Friday 5th July 2019 - all day!

The topic for Spring half-term 2 is:

Scream Machine!

Featuring roller coasters, centripetal force and a playground visit!

See final showcase photos and videos now!

Can these rides take a raw egg?


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
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What have we been learning about this week?

Week beginning 1st April 2019:


English - pupils have been designing and producing exploded diagrams of their 'fairground' rides, which they have designed and built; they are really shining at this complicated task and have discussed how to create perspective with their sketches. In addition, they have planned an advert for their ride, but Mr. Cain and Ms. Johnstone realised that, although it is like a poster, which they create to show their learning in many contexts, they do not see as many posters anymore, either advertising events or within their classrooms, as so much is viewed through screens - so we are still working on this concept of creating eye-catching advertising posters.


Maths - both maths classes have been revisiting measures and, in particular, converting units of measure in different contexts, such as length, mass and capacity. We have also converted miles to kilometres and vice versa and are finishing with other imperial units. We looked at different measuring equipment in a 'gallery', as an initial engagement task, and the children were particularly interested in newton meters, temperature probes and just how far 30 m reached along the corrdior, when they unravelled an industrial tape measure!

A good way to reinforce this week's learning would be to look at the huge variety of measuring applicances that are used in daily life (e.g. in cooking, in the car, etc.) and read them together, discussing the units of measure and what the intervals mean. Getting reference measures in your head to help estimation is also crucial e.g. knowing a door is about 2m in height, a small drinks bottle is usually 500 ml, etc. What is the most unusual piece of measuring equipment you use? the most powerful? the most useful?


Science and DT - designing and making fairground/playground rides with a moveable part (mechanism) has come to fruition and they have produced some amazing contraptions. At the showcase, they will all be tested to see if they can safely carry a raw egg or two! 


RE - Gospel: What would Jesus do? This final week we saw two examples of how ordinary people choose to follow Jesus' way - one from Christian Aid, the other was prison chaplains. We then revisited statements from the 'Sermon on the Mount' and evaluated which ones applied to our three school values. 





Parents' Welcome Meetings 13 and 14 September 2018