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Year 5 - Shark class

Welcome to Shark Class



Titanic sinking animation

Life on the Titanic (BBC)

Scott of the Antarctic (Natural History Museum)

Race to the South Pole (2 mins)

The Great Melt

Teachers in the Antarctic

Flipping Icebergs

Arctic animals for kids


Accelerated Reader

Shark class are taught by Mr Warren and Miss Legg this year. Mr Warren will be teaching on Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays. Miss Legg will teach Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays. However, we will try to answer emails whenever we can during the week regardless of whether we are in school.


Across Y5 and 6, Mrs Bell, Mrs White, Ms Elsworth and Mrs Rose will also be supporting at different times.









General information:

Bring your PE kit in on a Monday so it’s here for the week. We usually have indoor PE on a Monday and outdoor  PE on a Friday. In the summer term, both sessions will be outdoors. 


Keep on practising your times tables - they will be useful throughout life. You are expected to know up to the 12 times table fluently by now. Practise them in practical situations - if you are at a supermarket work out how much 6 bunches of bananas would cost, or 7 loaves of bread. Where else could you put your multiplication skills to use? 


Read every day 📚 Read a range of books, fiction and non - fiction. Reading really helps our brains grow. As they say, Reading is like going on an adventure without having to leave your seat.  Children who read frequently will generally make better progress in all subjects involving reading and writing than those who read less.


Those of you who who are learning a musical instrument - remember to practise 🎶 Music has been proven to be incredibly helpful to us in all sorts of ways.





Your child has a mathletics account which can be accessed on any internet linked tablet, ipad phone or PC.


Pleae encourage your child to try to earn at least 1000 points each week. 1000 points earns a bronze certificate; four bronzes leads to a silver and four silvers is rewarded with the ultra-rare GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLDD certificate..... if your child earns one of these they get to do the Shark Lucky Dip too as well as getting a special mention in worship!

New Star system


All children collect stars (replacing housepoints) in their own personal booklet. These will link to bronze, silver and gold iron-on patches for their school uniform. We also plan to use Class Dojo, an electronic system and app, to encourage positive behaviours and improve communication with parents.



Year 5 and 6 spelling lists

The Years 5 & 6 English curriculum



St Andrew's Autumn Term Home Learning Activities!

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