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Year 5 - Orca Class

Welcome to Orca Class

Mr Cain teaches in Orca class this year and Mrs White and Miss Goodwin work with different children in Orca class. Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stone teach in Orca class on a Tuesday afternoon and Mrs Hazel teaches in Orca class on a Wednesday afternoon.


Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday afternoons so please ensure PE kits are in school on these days.


Keep visiting this page for regular updates about our fantastic learning.

Blood Heart

Our Topic for this term is 'Blood Heart'.


Our 'Teaching of Reading' text is Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

Awesome Orca Learning week commencing 13th May

Hello, I hope you have a great weekend. For home learning, the children need to complete 'Mathletics' tasks, use TT Rockstars, read for pleasure and learn the following spellings:

  1. climb
  2. subtle
  3. doubted
  4. debt
  5. limbs
  6. equipped


We have been looking at words containing the silent 'b' letter in our RWI (Read Write Inc) spelling sessions. Some of the above words for home learning contain a silent 'b' . Can you think of any other words containing the silent 'b' letter?


During our Science lessons, we have been learning about working scientifically. We have planned a new heart rate experiment by identifying three different types of variables: independent variable (the variable that changes in the experiment), dependent variable (the variable that is measured) and the controlled variable (the variable that is kept the same to ensure a fair test). We then created a results table to record our heart rate during different physical activities. These results were then put into a bar graph and were interpreted to inform our conclusions.


In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about angles. We have compared acute, obtuse and reflex angles; and have drawn and measured angles using a protractor. We have also learnt how to tranlsate (move) and reflect shapes.


We look forward to welcoming you to our topics showcase on Friday 24th May at 2:00 p.m.





Awesome Orca Learning week commencing 6th May


Hello, I hope you have a great weekend. For home learning, the children need to complete 'Mathletics' tasks, use TT Rockstars, read for pleasure and learn the following five spellings:

  1. equipment
  2. muscle
  3. physical
  4. sufficient
  5. yacht


In our English lessons this week, the children have spent the week writing their non-chronological report about the heart. The children have included a variety of features including: subheadings and bullet points, technical vocabulary, labels and diagrams, graphs and captions as well as a glossary explaining technical vocabulary. It was a real pleasure seeing the children peservere with writing and editing these reports; therefore, these will photocopied and put on the 'Look how far we have come...' writing display in our classroom.


During our maths lessons, we have been learning about shape. We have looked at identifying 3D shapes from their nets; identifying regular and irregular 2D shapes; and finding the perimeter of composite, rectilinear shapes (shapes with straight lines and right angles).


We have continued to learn to sing Adelle's 'Feel my love' song. Also, we looked at how to use search engines to answer questions about the heart in computing, and made heart collages.


It has been great to see the children learning lots about 'Blood Heart' at home, so please continue to show me the fantastic home learning you have been doing.


Awesome Orca Learning week commencing 29th April


First of all, I hope you all have a restful bank holiday weekend. For home learning, the children need to complete 'Mathletics' tasks, use TTRockstars and read for pleasure.


This week in Orca class we have continued to learn about the heart. During our English lessons, we identified the structure and langauge layout of reports about the heart; learnt how to punctuate and use bullet points; used appropriate vocabulary to label parts of the heart; used cohesive devices to explain how the heart works and planned the content of our heart non-chronological reports in preparation for writing them next week.


In our maths lessons we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have learnt how to compare decimals up to three decimal places (thousandths); round decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and one decimal place (nearest tenth); solve problems involving measures and decimals; identify fraction, decimal and percentages equivalences as well as solve problems by finding percentages (%) of amounts.


During our Topic lessons we have started to learn to sing the the song 'Feel My Love' by Adelle. We have also researched facts about the heart to help inform our non-chronological reports about the heart. Last week the children planned their heart rate experiments, and this week the children showed great enthusiasm in completing their experiments by working scientifically to measure and record their heart rate results.

Blood Heart Impact Day Tuesday 23rd April

Week Commencing 23rd April


For our impact day, on Tuesday 24th April, we looked at and handled lamb's heart to get an understanding of what hearts looked and felt like.


In our English lessons this week we have been learning all about the heart. We have looked at information texts about hearts and precised (summarised) these. Also, we answered comprehension questions based on a heart text. Finally, we found definitions for vocabulary linked to the heart and circulatory system.


In maths, we started the week by measuring our heart rate after doing different physical activities. We also planned a heart rate investigation in science. During other maths lessons, we looked at fraction and decimal equivalences, as well as ordering decimals up to three decimal places.


'Blood heart' was also evident in our art lessons, where children drew and painted their very own abstract hearts with various shades of red.



Spring Term

  • Orca's Innovate Learning week w/c/ 1st April

This week we are coming to the end of our 'Scream Machine' topic and we will be focusing on the innovate stage.

During our English and Topic lessons, the children will be creating an 'egg-siting' ride that is fun, safe and eco-friendly. If you have any 'egg-stra' eco-friendly items that the children could use please bring them in on Tuesday 2nd April and Wednesday 3rd April as this is when the children will be making their 'egg-selent' rides. You will have the opportunity to see these 'egg-straordinary' rides in action on Friday 5th April at 2:00 p.m. We hope you can make it.


  • Orcas's Awesome Learning w/c 25_3_19


In English this week, Orca's have been writing stories based on the mystery animation 'Road's End' ( Throughout the week the children planned, wrote and edited their stores. The children have created excellent stories where the mysterious man causes havoc in a theme park!


In Maths this week, we have been looking at different measures. We have converted metres to centimetres and kilometres; as well as centimetres to inches. Other measures we have looked at are estimating volume and capacity. On Friday we solved problems invovling measures by scaling recipes.


During our afternoon lessons we have be creating dancers emulating theme park rides and have looked at which forces are in operation during a roller coaster ride.