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Year 1/2 - Turtle class

In our Turtle Class team we have:


Mrs Rose who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mrs Mitchell who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Coventry who supports teaching and learning in our classroom every day.


If you have any concerns please speak to us. We are often available after school, contact the office for an appointment or if easier please email us (please email us both).

Image result for wow of the week


Turtle WOW of the week is


Well done!  


In Friday Worship one child is selected from each class as our WOW child. During the week this child has demonstrated something that has WOWED their teachers!


We have had lots of cases of headlice reported this week so please check your child's hair.  We request that children wear hair tied up. 


For more information visit: NHS headlice.

Week Beginning 15.01.18


Welcome back to Turtle class in the Spring term.  We hope you had a great Christmas holiday. 


A few housekeeping notes:

  • PE is on a Monday and Friday, please ensure kits are kept in school.
  • Children must have a coat, the weather changes so frequently and we try and go out.
  • NAME clothes, we continue to have items of clothing that isn't named and no-one recognises. This frequently gets taken to the overflowing lost property area.
  • If your child needs a new reading book remind them to place it in the basket.  We would aim to change books, at most, twice a week as children need to re-read for fluency and remember to use the comprehension bookmarks we gave out.
  • If you have ANY worries or concerns please see us, or, email us both.  Many children's concerns and worries can be sorted out very quickly before they become too big for your child.  Equally, if you have a question or query please ask no matter how big or small!


We have had a busy start to the year and have a lot to fit in during this short half term.  We started the term with a whole school Bible theme topic and in Turtle class we spent the time learning about Noah's Ark.  We linked this to our school's values of love, trust and perseverance. Our topic is "Real-life heroes" and we will be learning about people from history such as Florence Nightingale. We enjoyed using the link FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE on the google chrome books! We have quickly got in the routine of our new RWI groups and these are running smoothly; a RWI workshop is being planned so keep an eye on the newsletter! In maths we have been learning about 2D / 3D shapes and their properties; ask us about vertices!  This then moved on to learning about halves and quarters of shapes and quantity.  This week we return to place value including learning about tens, ones, addition and subtraction.  See some of our work below!


Year 1 

subtraction sentences                                        Some tricky addition and subtraction problems





Year 2

column subtraction                                                  column subtraction carrying over



column addition                                            column addition exchanging 10


Merry Christmas! Listen to our singing!


Week Beginning 11.12.17


What a busy time Turtle Class have had!  If you were able to come to our 'Lights Camel Action' Christmas Worship we hope you enjoyed it!  We were ever so proud of all the children for performing, singing, speaking so brilliantly; not once but twice!  Thank you to all those that attended (some twice!)


We have been busy with our assessments of all subjects and are really proud of how hard the the children have been trying.


The children wrote some lovely letters to Santa and you can see these on our 'Wonderful Writer' display in our book area.







We then posted them whilst on our Winter Walk (THANK YOU to all the adult helpers), we were lucky with the weather and didn't get wet!  It is very exciting as we have received our response: your child should have brought it home!




We had a great time walking to St Andrew's Church to celebrate St Andrew's Day; again the weather was kind to us!  A big THANK YOU to all the adult helpers we had; we could not do it without you!


In maths we have been measuring! We have estimated and measured length/height, mass and (year 2) capacity.


Year 1 children have been comparing objects and had a go at measuring with a ruler. When measuring mass we used non-standard measures (cubes).


Year 2 measured using cm/m, g/KG and ml. 


Have a go at home: it is great fun to estimate and then measure. It is easy to do at home with scales, ruler/tape measure and measuring jug. Give each other challenges such as 'find something that is 25cm long', 'find something longer than this shoe', 'how much water is in the jug?'  When measuring remember to start from 0 or set the scales to 0. Please use grams (not oz)!



Measuring mass with cubes!     Year 2 measuring capacity      Measuring length in cm         Measuring in grams (well 

                                                                                                                                                  done for correcting your 5!)


What an amazing term! We hope you all have a great Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in January!


Week Beginning 20.11.17


What a busy week and next week looks set to be even busier!


In maths we have returned to counting in multiples (2's, 5's 10's), arrays and multiplications.


Year Two


Writing a mulitplication symbol                Charlie Croc helps us remember               Using the symbols to compare

from an array.                                          the less than and more than symbols.         multiplication symbols.


Year One

We also used the less than and more than symbols to compare numbers.

We have been doing lots of practical counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and trying to record this.


We all solved word problems involving arrays and multiplication.  Try this as a family:


There are 6 dinner plates on the table and each plate has 2 sausages on. How many sausages are there?


This can be drawn (as an array) or represented with pictures.  What number sentences could you write (repeated addition or a multiplicaion sentence)? It is important to talk about how you solve it and prove your answer to other family members (reasoning).


On Thursday we had a special "Values day". Every class was given a value to explore in further depth. We explored 'friendship'. We created friendship hands and thought about the ingredients (qualities) that a good friend should be made from!  We went on to explore how Jesus was a friend to all and read the Bible story Zacchaeus.  This enabled us to consider the friendship qualities that we have, and what we would like to ask God to help us to get better at.  Our fabulous Worship Councillors then shared this with the whole school in a special Worship where we discovered what the other classes had been doing. On returning to our class room we individually voted for the Value we felt was most important.



Your child should have come home with the letter about our Christmas Worship detailing times and any costumes that need to be provided.  Please see us if you have any problems with costumes as we will be able to help! We have begun learning the songs; they are great fun and they will have you dancing in the aisles! 

Week Beginning 13.11.17


We have continued with our learning at full speed this week; all the children are showing great perseverance and a positive attitude!


In maths we have been learning about time including days of the week, how many seconds are in a minute, minutes in an hour and hours in a day etc. 


A year two WOW challenge was: "It took Billy’s family a whole two days to travel from England to the south of France. How many hours was that?"


A year one WOW challenge was: "Susan had a friend to stay on Monday night. She stayed for two nights. What day did she go home? "



We have also been learning to tell the time, for some children this can be a real challenge. A year 1 focus is o'clock and half past. In year 2 we have to be able to tell the quarter past and quarter to times.  You can support this at home by encouraging your child to read the time. We talk about the minute hand (long hand) as giving the instruction e.g. o'clock, half past, quarter to/past (a quarter of the clock to the next hour or a quarter of the clock past the hour) and the hour hand (short hand) giving us the number. As you can see we cut the clock into quarters to help us think about how far the minute hand has travelled past the hour. 




Thank you for making such an effort for Children in Need Day, we put lots of copper coins on Pudsey and he was full to bursting by the end of the day! 


Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Week Beginning 06.11.17


Another busy week at school. We have continued with our Read Write Inc and in maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction.


Take a look at this introduction to RWI phonics; 


Year twos have been exploring column addition/subtraction and considering if both can be done in any order (addition is commutative but subtraction is not).



Year Ones focused on the strategies we could use for addition and subtraction such as using a number line. We also focused on writing 'one numeral one square' in our books!


Many children enjoy the spare milk we have (we share any milk provided for absent children), please consider ordering some for your child, see the link below.


We have sent home details of how to order your child's Christmas cards online! This is a great fundraiser for the school so please have a look. Products can be ordered using the envelope sent home or online (click on the image below).





We finished our week with a great Art lesson, we had out lots of paint and explored colour mixing!


Next week in maths we will be learning about time.

Week Beginning 30.10.17


We have had a great start to the second half of Autumn term. A focus in maths has been money so try letting your child buy small items in shops with cash. Ask them what the coins are you give them, how much the item is and whether they should receive change/how much change it would be. Year ones have been identifying coins and solving addition number sentences. Year two have been finding different ways to make a total with coins and working out how much change is needed by solving subtraction number sentences.


Some reminders:

  • Please ensure PE kits are in school so children can participate fully and safely in lessons.
  • We have some parent evening slots available; please speak to us to book you in. If the two offered dates are not suitable please speak to us to arrange an alternative date.
  • Snacks should be fruit/vegetable based.
  • Please return St Andrew's Day permission slips ASAP.


Week Beginning 16.10.17

We have had another very busy week in Turtle Class! 


Image result for carton of milkLots of children have been asking if they can have a carton of the delicious cold milk that is delivered to school daily.  To order and pay (it is very inexpensive) please visit the site Cool Milk. Here you will be invited to register and order/pay for your child. 


This week a wonderful parent came into talk to us about fire safety to complete our 'Great Fire of London' topic.  We found out what to do if there is a fire and she taught us the rhyme "matches, matches, never touch, they can hurt you very much'.  A fire engine visited us and we even got to sit inside!




This week we started our Read Write Inc in English, the initial stages have been very successful and we will continue to monitor and assess the impact. We will be holding a parent information session at some point later in the year.


In Maths we have been learning about division and how to represent this in different ways. Year 2 have begun learning that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order (commutative) and division of one number by another cannot.



We hope you have a fantastic half term and stay safe!

Week Beginning 09.10.17


This week we will be exploring different types of non-fiction text such as the features of a newspaper. In maths, year 1 will be completing their current work on addition before moving onto days and months. Year 2 will be learning about repeated addition and how this can be represented as multiplication statements and arrays. On Wednesday we will participate in a 'Restart a Heart’ session which is a programme being delivered across the school.

Update: On Tuesday we had author Caroline Hall and illustrator Alec Wills visit us. They led a terrific workshop that we loved and really inspired us. Ask us about our favourite parts!

Year 2 have worked hard on multiplication statements with arrays and year 1 have been busy ordering days of the week and months!


Week Beginning 02.10.17


We have added some home learning ideas in the download section below. We would love to see or hear about any of the ideas you manage to do as a family so please send in 'work' or email us a photograph!


Please remember to keep your child's reading record and current book in their book bag so it can be used at school.  


It is best to spend time re-reading the book and exploring elements such as the characters, plot and word choices the author has used.  Comprehension is vital. Please see "Useful links and information for parents" below for links to "Questions for Reading" to support you in this. We will also be sending home comprehension bookmarks next week to help your child get the most out of their book!

Week Beginning 25.09.17


Another busy week in Turtle Class and we are very established in our routine now!  This week we have used the ipads bought by the PTA and had great fun exploring a phonic and reading game.  In maths we have been learning about subtraction. Y1 members of Turtle class have been subtracting practically with equipment and then recording the number sentence. Y2 members of Turtle class have been subtracting using different strategies and exploring the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction (e.g. 28 - 9 = 19 / 19 + 9 =28).  A focus in English has been writing sentences and using a conjunction to join two sentences together. 

Welcome to the new term.


What a great start to the new term!

The children have obviously had a great holiday and are ready to learn.

This term we will be learning all about 'The great fire of London', with lots of fun things happening.


Intially we are concentrating on getting the children use to the new timetable and routines.

There will be an open evening shortly for you to find out about all our routines and how you can help you child progress throughout this year.


We will be having our PE lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it would be great if your child could have their kit in school permanently.


Your child will have a new reading diary shortly, but in the meantime please continue sharing a book with your child regularly.


We are aware that the new school year can be daunting for many children, so please do not hestitate to get in touch with us if you have any worries.


L.Rose and J.Mitchell.


Websites for home-learning opportunities.


A reminder to all parents/carers/pupils about these website links:

  • Please only use the internet and log onto these websites with parent/carer supervision.
  • Use the internet safely and sensibly at all times.
  • If you are unsure about anything please talk to your parent/carer straight away.
  • We hope you enjoy learning more about and revising curriculum areas that we have been covering in class.


BBC Horrible Histories: Great Fire of London


London Fire Brigade: Great Fire of London


Fire Safety games


Image result for reading eggsReading Eggs


  Mathletics UK    Mathletics


You Tube maths songs

Spelling: National Curriculum Requirements



The National Curriculum for Year 1 states that pupils should be taught to:

· Spell words containing each of the 40+ phonemes already taught

· Spell common exception words (such as the and was)

· Spell the days of the week

· Name the letters of the alphabet

· Add some prefixes (such as un–) and suffixes (such as –ing and –ed) to words




The National Curriculum for Year 2 states that pupils should be taught to:

· Use knowledge of phonics to spell words correctly

· Learn new ways of spelling phonemes for which one or more spellings are already known, and learn some words with each spelling, including a few common homophones (such as there/they’re/their )

· Spell common exception words (such as because)

· Spell more words with contracted forms (such as it’s)

· Learn the possessive apostrophe (singular)

· Add suffixes to spell longer words (including –ment, and –ly)