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Year 1 - Seahorses class

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In our Seahorse Class team we have:


Mrs Rose who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mrs Mitchell who teaches us on alternate Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Coventry who supports teaching and learning in our classroom every day.


If you have any concerns please speak to us. We are often available after school, contact the office for an appointment or if easier please email us (please email us both).

Seahorse WOW of the week is


Well done!


In Friday Worship one child is selected from each class as our WOW child. During the week this child has demonstrated something that has WOWED their teachers!

                 Spring 1 topic: Street Detectives!


Grab a magnifying glass, put on your deerstalker and change your name to Sherlock because we’re going to become street detectives!  This half term, we’ll follow a route around our local streets and look at the buildings, businesses and plants we can see. Talking to local families about the area will help us understand how the local community could be improved. We’ll learn nursery rhymes, write poetry and create persuasive adverts. Looking at photographs will help us to spot any similarities and differences between the houses and shops of today and the past. We’ll find out about the history of our school and plan talk to former pupils about their experiences. We’ll also study and draw maps and create a model of a local building.

We need your help!

If you or a family member used to go to St Andrew's especially the old building) then please let us know; we would love to be able to ask them questions!  If you have any old photographs of the local area/school then please let us see them! 




If you have any old maps (of anywhere) that you can donate for us to have to look at/cut up etc please bring them in!






Topic book list

     Click on the picture and see the list of topic books. If you have any that we could borrow please let us know!



Week beginning 17th December 2018


WOW! We are having a brilliant end to the term! If you came to see your child in our Christmas Worship I'm sure you will agree they did a great job! Lots of new songs were learnt and performed without too much 'stage fright'!




We have been exploring money this week; what value coins have, ordering them and seeing how many different ways we can find to make 10p.  Over the holiday get some change together and play shops. Price up some toys/kitchen items up to 20p and see if you can buy them exactly with coins you have. Children can find it tricky to remember that we don't have 3p, 4p coins etc.

Week beginning 3rd December 2018


The children have been superstars this week despite there being so many coughs and colds around. We have been reminding children of good hand hygiene and to 'catch their cough' in their arm or hand!


In maths we have been investigating all kinds of measures such as capacity, length, height and mass.


Ideas to support this at home are:

  • Collect a variety of containers (yogurt pots, spoon, jug etc), which is largest? How do you know? What will happen if you pour from one to another? How many 'spoons' will fit into a larger container?  This is great for the bath, outdoors or washing up bowl (put down a large towel!)
  • Mass: get baking but remember to use grams!  Or just get out the scales (dial scales are best for the children to 'read').  What toy is the heaviest/lightest?  Put a selection of objects in weight order.
  • Children love a tape measure or ruler (beware of metal ones), record the length of each member of the families shoes, which is longest/shortest? Also measure the height of objects, which is the tallest/shortest? 


Nothing beats practical experience in measures but there are a few games on this website: 


We hope you enjoyed the showcase: every child had someone come and see their half term's work and the classroom was full to bursting!


Don't forget to bring in 'costumes' this week ready for our first performance on Wednesday!  See us if you need a reminder of what you need to bring in!


Week beginning 26th November 2018


Well done Seahorse Class for a terrific week at school!  We have written stories about Jack and the Beanstalk, we have completed our fraction work and begun to learn about measuring in cm and.... we went to St Andrew's Church for our St Andrew's Day service! Thank you to the adult volunteers - we could not go with out you!


Check your child's bag as there are several important letters.


Showcase invite


Letter about Christmas costume requirements




As always if you have any queries please speak to us and we will try to resolve them.


Math learning

 Week beginning 12th November 2018


This week has been another busy one! In maths we have been learning about fractions and have found out about how to split shapes and quantities in half and quarters. We have discovered how important it is for these to be 'equal'.  In English we spent time focusing on memory and recall skills. We played 'I went to the supermarket and bought...' and we recited rhymes that help us remember important things like: 30 days hath September, April, June and November.

All the rest have 31, except February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year. We found discovered more suffixes this week and focused on -ing and how this changes a root word.


We had a smashing time watching  pantomime of Jack in the Beanstalk, oh yes we did! And to end a terrific week we raised money for Children in Need. We do enjoy a dressing up day!



In geography we used Google Earth to look at our school. Click on the world to have a look at your home or school (DT3 6AA). It's amazing!


KS1 (year one and two) will be hosting our Christmas Worship for parent's on Wednesday 12th December at 1.45pm in the school hall and Thursday 13th December at 9.15am in the school hall (dates are on this weeks newsletter). We are performing it twice so we can fit in all the parents of three classes!




    Come along to see our performance of 'Humph the Camel'!


Get ready for Christmas and support St Andrew's!


You will be having an envelope home from "My School Art" inviting you to look on their website and order personalised Christmas cards and other items. We loved painting out hands and creating our Angels! You don't have to wait for the envelope to have a look: follow the link!  


  "My School Art"



Week beginning 5th November 2018


This week we have been busy writing. We have written about fireworks, our weekly routine and our trip last week. We have tried to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and sentence openers (e.g. first, next). We also found out about verbs (action/doing words) and how we can change these by adding the suffix -ed.  We used 'Uncle Ed' to remind us; Uncle Ed always likes to remember the past! We would add -ed to the root word to change the tense e.g. cook becomes cooked.


In maths we continued to count in 2's, 5's and 10's.

We also looked at arrays and started to record these as repeated addition. Look at home to see where you can find different array! If you have a collage app on a device, take photographs and make a poster to show us!




                   5+5+5+5+5+5=30                                        2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=16


Next week we have the panto so if you haven't returned the form and £1, please do!


This weeks homework


Week beginning 30th October 2018


We may only have had a four school day week but we have packed a lot in!  Thank you for all the 'memory items' that have been brought in. We have taken photographs and returned them; if you haven't yet sent something in please do, or, email a photograph of your child holding it to us.  In writing we have written about our favourite memories, the differences of people in each life stage (e.g. baby, toddler, adult, older person) and thought about Weymouth in the present and past.... phew, what a lot we have done!  In maths our focus has been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. There are some great songs on youtube that help us remember these so have a look! 


This week's homework

Week beginning 15th October 2018


Welcome back to Seahorse page, please read on as we have a lot to say, lots of photographs and have given information about our new topic!


What a brilliant end of our half term topic of 'Land Ahoy'. We have been busy designing and making our pirate ships and were so pleased that every child had a family member come to take a look at their work. It was hot, busy and noisy but I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what your children have been doing!  Look below for the photograph display!




Thank you for all the junk modelling items that you provided and the extra embellishments were a wonderful treat!


On Wednesday we had a 'First Responder' lead a 'Restart a Heart' workshop with us and we loved it. A couple of members of Seahorse class now want to be paramedics!


Read on and enjoy the half term rest! 

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Restart a Heart!

Autumn Two Learning


When we return after half term we’re taking a trip to the past to discover what life was like at the time when we were born. We’ll find out how babies change and grow over time. Thinking about our childhoods, we’ll use photos from the past to help us remember special times including weddings and christenings. We’ll talk about our families and share happy memories of people or pets who are no longer alive (please talk to us if your child may be particularly sensitive to this at the moment).


Help your child prepare for their project by looking back on the past  which can be funny, poignant and interesting! 




A note came home requesting a photograph and object be brought in to support the start of this topic 

(see homework picture above for further information).


Below you will find a book list. If you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these books at home that would be brilliant. Also, if you have a copy at home then please do bring it into school for us to share.

Week beginning 8th October 2018


Another busy week in Seahorse Class! If you didn't get the text; please collect old boxes/tubes etc as we are making pirate ships that we have designed! If you have any balls of string/tubes/straws/lolly sticks/ends of masking or sticky tape that would also be appreciated!  Please make sure no 'nut' boxes or packaging (e.g. cereal box that contained nuts) are brought in.


Image result for junk modelling pirate ship  Image result for junk modelling pirate ship  Image result for junk modelling pirate ship


In English we used all our knowledge that we gathered through our research and have independently written about pirates.  This work is now up on our 'Look at our Wonderful Writer' display board!


Picture 1
Picture 1

Week beginning 1st October 2018


The highlight of our week as got to be baking bread on Friday. This was part of our RE topic on Creation/Harvest and considering the things that God has given us.

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Week beginning 24th September 2018


Another week gone! This week we have been spending time remembering and practicing how to work quietly and line up in silence; it has been tricky for Seahorses this week.  Next week we are looking forward to earning lots of pompoms to earn another class reward!


In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 (e.g. 0+10=10, 1+9=10). It is vital that children have a mental knowledge and can know these quickly.  There are some great youtube songs that help us (try these two links)!





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Week beginning 17th September 2018

Another busy week of learning!  We had a visit from the NSPCC: see information below.  In maths we have been continuing our work on place value and using the symbols < (less than)  and > (more than).

Ask your child about Charlie Croc and we enjoyed this song (click on the picture): 


In science we enjoyed investigating waterproof materials.  Mrs Rose made a coat and umbrella with paper! Do you think they would work?



Phonics homework will start to be sent home weekly so please support your child in this (see below for further details).


Next week in English we will be exploring Pirate non-fiction books so if you have any please bring them in!

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Phonics Homework

As of this Friday (21/09/18), we will be issuing a phonics activity for the children to complete for homework. This is in addition to the homework expectations outlined at our recent parent meetings.


The children can return their homework once it has been completed. The homework will be issued each Friday and your child may need support to complete the task.

Week beginning 10th September 2018

What a busy week!  We are really getting into the rhythm of Year One now!  We continue to practise lining up in register order, managing our own resources and working independently!  We have used diennes equipment to learn about tens and ones and had an extremely exciting discovery in English (see below)!  We have been describing pirate ships, writing questions about where the bottle may have come from and this is all building up to us replying to the message in a bottle next week! 


We are finding in PE that some children are struggling to get themselves changed, please help your child to be independent at home when getting dressed and teach the skills of returning clothes to the right way out!


Thank you to those that attended our information workshops, we hope it was useful to you.

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Week beginning 5th September 2018


What a terrific first week back we have had! We are extremely proud of how well the children have come into the classroom and settled into a new routine.   We have sent home reading records, books and comprehension bookmarks so check bags!  It is essential to re-read books and extend the children's comprehension and understanding and we suggest books are changed no more than 2 or 3 times a week.


PE will generally be on a Wednesday and Friday so please ensure correct PE kit is kept in class.


You should have received a letter about our parent information meeting this coming week. Please return the form ASAP, if you can't find it we can supply you with another copy - just ask!


We are looking forward to Pirate Day on Monday... Ahaaaar!

We have been busy!

We have been busy! 1
We have been busy! 2
We have been busy! 3
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Autumn Term Learning


When we return in September, our first topic is called 'Land Ahoy'. We will be writing stories, poetry, information books and postcards. We will be learning map skills and developing our location knowledge. We will be learning about significant historical figures like Captain James Cook. We will be learning about everyday materials and their properties. 


In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of Place value and Addition and Subtraction.


Please find a book list below. If you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these books at home that would be brilliant. Also, if you have a copy at home then please do bring it into school for us to share.

Websites for home-learning opportunities.


A reminder to all parents/carers/pupils about these website links:

· Please only use the internet and log onto these websites with parent/carer supervision.

· Use the internet safely and sensibly at all times.

·  If you are unsure about anything please talk to your parent/carer straight away.

·  We hope you enjoy learning more about and revising curriculum areas that we have been covering in class.



  Top Marks maths games                                          Reading Eggs




    Mathletics                                                           YouTube Math songs



    Mathmagicians: Countdown game                        Christmas Games


   Hit the button

Spelling: National Curriculum Requirements



The National Curriculum for Year 1 states that pupils should be taught to:

· Spell words containing each of the 40+ phonemes already taught

· Spell common exception words (such as the and was)

· Spell the days of the week

· Name the letters of the alphabet

· Add some prefixes (such as un–) and suffixes (such as –ing and –ed) to words


Parent Documents