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Y5 - Shark class

Welcome to Shark Class!


The adults in Shark Class are Miss Lyndley, Mrs Boucher, Mrs White and Miss Goodwin.

It has been a great first half of the summer term. Keep up the hard work Sharks - you can achieve whatever you set your minds to. Remember: impossible 🔜 I’m possible 🦈 


Our topic this half-term is 'Journeys


What do you know about this topic? What would you like to know? 





Picture 1





General information:

Bring your PE kit in on a Monday so it’s here for the week. We have indoor PE on a Tuesday with Miss Lyndley and outdoor  PE on a Friday with Mrs Stone. In the summer term, both sessions will be outdoors. 


Keep on practising your times tables - they will be useful throughout life. You are expected to know up to the 12 times table fluently by now. Practise them in practical situations - if you are at a supermarket work out how much 6 bunches of bananas would cost, or 7 loaves of bread. Where else could you put your multiplication skills to use? 


Read every day 📚 Read a range of books, fiction and non - fiction. Reading really helps our brains grow. As they say, Reading is like going on an adventure without having to leave your seat. 


Those of you who who are learning a musical instrument - remember to practise 🎶 Did you know that music has been proven to be incredibly helpful to us in all sorts of ways? 



Our stars of the week this week, 15th June, are 🌟 Jodie and Emil    🌟 Well done 👍 

Meet the Teacher September 2017

Year 5 and 6 spelling lists

The Years 5 & 6 English curriculum

 Optional home learning tasks, 15th June 2018.



English - Write a diary either for this weekend or a holiday you went on (or make up a holiday).  Use some words from the year 5/6 vocabulary. Can you add all the following grammar: fronted adverbial phrases, relative clauses, parenthesis, expanded noun phrases? 


Maths -   1) Order these races from longest to shortest: 

            200m, 10km, 400m, 4 X 400 relay, 800m, 3km running race, 1500m, 100m, 5km

             2) If an athlete competes in four 100m races, three 200m races and two 100m relays, how far do they               

             run in kilometres?



             Keep practising those times tables. Remember you should be able to answer them immediately. Get your family to fire questions at you and see how quickly you can answer them. 


St Andrew's Autumn Term Home Learning Activities!

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