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Reception - Jellyfish and Starfish classes

Welcome to our Reception base! Our teachers are Mrs Croft and Mrs Blackmore and our teaching assistants are Mrs Timms, Miss Cook, Mrs Saunders and Miss Carmona. 

Welcome to Reception!

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 17th July          2.30-3pm              Reception Sharing Assembly - Everyone welcome!

Thursday 19th July         9.30-2pm             Reception coach trip to the beach

Wednesday 25th July      3pm                     Last day at School

Thursday 19th July 2018


What an amazing day!  We have just returned from the beach, having built sandcastles, collected shells, had a picnic... We also had a "beach safety" talk from the lifeguards.  AND, we went on a coach!  Thanks to all the parent helpers who came along; we couldn't have done it without you all.

Friday 15th June 2018


We started the week by making individual treasure maps and then staining them with tea bags to make them seem old. We also learnt how to carefully tear the edges.


In maths, we have been working out number bonds to 10 and 20, e.g. 7+3=10, using cubes and other equipment for counting. You might like to ask your child about this and have a go working out some different ways at home.


In addition, we have thought about similarities and differences between us and our friends. We know that everyone is different, and that this makes us all very special.

On Sunday, it is Father’s Day; everyone has a card in their bag that they have made during the week.


Home Learning:

Please talk to your child about what like was like in the past. They may like to chat to older family members, or friends who remember phones with cords, videos, black and white television, fax machines, milkmen delivering milk, no internet or public phone boxes.

21st May 2018

What an exciting week we have had.  Following the Royal Wedding, we designed and wrote about our own fancy hats for Mrs Patterson to wear to a Royal event!  For our Royal dress-up day, we made flags and invited the Mulberry Bush children to join us as we all paraded around the hall.  We have also been thinking about all the things that we have learnt to do over this year, and how they make us all different, yet equally special.


  • We keep spare clothes in school for small accidents; however, our supplies of pants, socks, shorts and trousers are running low. Please send in any that you have borrowed, or perhaps you have some that your child no longer needs/ fits. All spares will be gratefully received.

  • We always need volunteers to listen to children reading. This is a lovely opportunity to support the children in our class. Please do let us know if you are available; even if it is only for an hour, your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Well done to everyone who has helped their child with their “Red Words”. It is making such a difference to the children’s reading and understanding. Keep up the good work!

Home learning over the holidays- 


Practice handwriting of lower case and upper case letters on template provided. 

Read Write Inc Phonics


We teach phonics through a fantastic scheme called Read, Write, Inc.  Your child has been learning what the phoneme (mini sound) looks like, sounds like, how to say it correctly, what objects start with the letter and how to write it correctly.  We also segment and blend simple words so that we can read and spell them.


We are extremely proud of the progress they are making so far!


Please do continue to help your child practise their phonemes, by looking at the phonics flash cards that we send home.  The websites below may be useful for you to find out more about RWI and other aspects of phonics:


Take a look at this introduction to RWI phonics- 


To hear the sounds that each letter makes-


Reading Books


We have some really super readers in Reception! Our aim is to have every child reading at home each evening to a parent/ grandparent/ older brother or sister and some of you are achieving this already! If you are finding reading at home tricky, please do come in and chat to us about it and we will see if we can help.

Wow! We love reading and writing.

Our topic for Spring 2 was "Bears, Bears, Everywhere!"

We learnt about real and fictional bears, including reading books about Paddington Bear, Biscuit Bear, the Three Bears and many others. We wrote new adventures for Paddington to go on, “Please look after this child” labels, as well as thought bubbles about what Biscuit Bear might like to do next.  We went on our very own Bear Hunt, and we really did encounter many of the places...including the blizzard, the long grass and the very deep, squelshy mud! 

How many bears can you find?

How many bears can you find? 1
How many bears can you find? 2
How many bears can you find? 3
How many bears can you find? 4
How many bears can you find? 5
How many bears can you find? 6
How many bears can you find? 7
How many bears can you find? 8
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Our topic for Spring 1 was "Superheroes and people who help us". 


The children wanted to learn about real-life people who help us, such as teachers, people in our school, police, fire fighters, doctors and nurses, vets and our local librarian.  They were also interested in superheroes, and planned some transformations of our role play area and reading dens.  We were visited by lots of different people who help us.  Have a look at their photographs below.

People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson

People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 1
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 2
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 3
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 4
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 5
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 6
People Who Help Us - Mrs Patterson 7

We will keep you updated with all the information that you will need each week. So, please come back and read our class news on a regular basis!


Thank you for your continued support


The Early Years Team

Look how much fun we have had!

Come and see the transformation of our outside area...

Our topic in Autumn first half term was 'Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales'