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Christian Distinctiveness

St Andrew's is a church of England school and is part of the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust. 

Our school motto ' make a difference' echoes the words from John 10:10 ; 'I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.' We believe that children's experiences at our school should enable them to enjoy all aspects of their life at school and help them to lead fulfilled and successful lives. 


School Values

We  reviewed our values last year and took part in workshops and events to unpick Christian values and to consider which are most relevant for our school today. 

Our values, selected from those voted for by pupils, parents, staff and governors are LOVE, TRUST and PERSEVERANCE. We try to live out these values in our daily lives at school. First and foremost we do this through love.  Our image to remind us of our value of love is a strawberry!  

'Love is regarded as the jewel among the virtues - love sums up all the values.

Jesus quotes the key commandments of 'Loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves' - in this way love sums up all that is most important about life.

But love must not be 'just words'. It means something only when it is expressed in action and practical care.

To love means putting other people's needs before your own.

Christians teach that only when we love like this, can we become the best sort of people we can be.'                                                                                                                                                               ( 

Our second value is trust

Trust lies at the heart of all relationships within a civilised society. At school we build trust by being reliable and trustworthy, by earning each others' trust. To remind us of our value, trust, we use the symbol of an apple as a reminder of God's trust in Adam and Eve. 


The final value we felt was special to us at this time is perseverance. 

To be successful requires the discipline of hard work in most areas of life. This might mean daily exercise, extra football practice, getting the hang of riding a bike for the first time or learning the times tables! Perseverance is the ability to keep working at something - and we try to link our learning approaches within a growth mindset to this christian concept.  The story of Robert the Bruce watching the spider is also a good one to explore the challenge of 'try, try and try again'. 

The fruit which reminds us of our value 'perseverance' is an orange - which often takes perseverance to peel!


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RE at St Andrew's 

Our RE scheme is currently 'Discovery'. This is an enquiry based scheme, within which, each year group explores elements of different religions as well as maintaining a fundamental emphasis on Christianity. This year we will be beginning to introduce the 'Understanding Christianity' scheme, alongside our existing planned syllabus. 

RE planning

Leading worship at St Andrew's